Friday, January 1, 2016

Think of a City - White Rabbit

I've always been a proponent of starting at the beginning, so let's do just that.  Here we have Alison Sampson's inaugural entry to the project, the aptly named 001 (click through for larger size and original site).

1 - On a puddle next to a curb.  It's the type where a little stream is running along, searching for a gutter.


2 - A bright red high-heeled shoe splashes down in the puddle as a woman runs through.

CAPTION (WOMAN): I'm late.

3 - Still focused on that puddle stream, the lower body of the woman can be seen in the background as she runs on.


4 - On the woman as she runs through the city street.  Water continues to stream along the curb as far as the eye can see.  The woman looks up towards the sky, ignoring the water and expecting something else.

CAPTION (WOMAN): I'm not sure for what.

5 - A large, circular portal floats at street-level in the wall of the city buildings.  Through the portal is an underwater ocean scene - specifically a bright red squid floating through the depths.  Water seeps out of the portal, creating that puddle stream we've seen thus far.  The woman has run past the portal, missing it as she looks behind her and off to the side.

CAPTION (WOMAN): But I've a feeling I'll know when I see it.

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