Thursday, December 31, 2015

Doomcember - Shred - Page 30

1 - Chris walks out of the apartment entrance, smoking.  Robert looks up at her arrival.

ROBERT (1): So?

ROBERT (2): How'd it go?

CHRIS: Well...

2 - Evelyn and Mary stand on a rooftop together, looking down as Chris and Robert walk home.

CAPTION (CHRIS): ...I guess it could have gone worse.

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Doomcember - Shred - Page 29

1 - Mary, still on top of Chris, pauses. Her formerly furious expression is replaced by a confused / scared / ashamed one.


2 - Mary is off Chris and running away down the hall towards a window at the end of it.

CHRIS: Mary!

3 - Mary jumps and breaks through the window, flying through the air.

SFX: krsh!

4 - Chris is at the window, looking out into the early morning. Her expression is hard to read.


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Doomcember - Shred - Page 28

1 - Mary is out and standing in the hallway in a pile of splintered door. She is now a Shifter and she looks mad as hell (perhaps one hand on the ground in an animalistic three-point stance). Chris, still sitting, has her hands out in a placating manner.

CHRIS: Mer...

2 - Mary dives and lands on top of Chris, scratching her up. Chris has her arms up to protect her face / upper-body.


3 - Chris manages to get a hand up under Mary's chin, trying to push her away and off.

CHRIS: I know part of you is still in there.

4 - Mary rakes at Chris's arm, causing her to loose her leverage. Blood flies from the wound

CHRIS: And you need to know that I love you--!

5 - Mary sits on top of Chris's prostrate form, hands raised to claw the heck out of her. Chris looks up at her sister, accepting her fate, whatever it may be.

CHRIS: ...And I always will.

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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Doomcember - Shred - Page 27

1 - On Chris' clenched fist.

CHRIS (off-panel): She'd been sick for so long.

2 - On the same first, unclenching.

CHRIS: Part of me didn't believe she'd ever go.

3 - On her now unclenched hand. Her cigarette lays upon her palm, all crushed and ruined.

CHRIS: ...Couldn't believe.

4 - On Chris, still sitting at the door, her hands on her face, looking through / past her splayed fingers.

CHRIS (1): And I keep seeing her.

CHRIS (2): Wanting her to be in there somewhere...

5 - Chris runs her hands through her hair in frustration / tiredness.


6 - Chris stops, her eyes wide at the sudden bang on the door from within the apartment.

SFX: Whump

Chris (quietly): Mer--?

7 - Before Chris can finish her thought, the door explodes outwards over her head. She is shocked and afraid, but hasn't yet really had time to process this, the event is so sudden.

SFX: KRR-ack!

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Doomcember - Shred - Page 26

1 - Chris sits on the floor, her back to Mary's door. She holds her lighter in one hand, a cigarette in the other.

CHRIS: ...I know you're still mad about Dad.

2 - On Chris' lighter as she attempts to ignite a flame. All she gets are some sparks.

SFX: skrtch

CHRIS (off-panel): I miss him, too. You know that, right?

3 - On the lighter. This attempt doesn't even yield a spark.

SFX: skrtch

CHRIS (off-panel): And I wasn't the only one who thought he'd be better off in a home.

4 - On the third attempt, Chris gets some fire.

SFX: skrtch!

CHRIS (off-panel): Evelyn -- Mom --

5 - The lighter's flame is joined on panel by Chris' cigarette, but the two do not touch.

CHRIS: ...

6 - On Chris, sitting against the door. The lighter is out, the cigarette remains unlit in her other hand, and Chris lowers her head, leaving her face obscured by the darkness.

CHRIS: Mer. Mom's gone.

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Friday, December 25, 2015

Doomcember - Shred - Page 25

1 - Close on Chris' fist raised and ready to knock on the door.


2 - On Chris, recoiling in surprise at the cough from within.

MARY (from within): hargk!

3 - Chris furrows her brow, uncertain of what she's just heard.

CHRIS (quietly): Mer?

4 - On the door.


5 - On the door, moving closer and with a focus on the peephole.

MARY (from within): Chris?

6 - On the door and peephole, so close that we're really just looking at the peephole's glass, possibly seeing a warped reflection of Chris standing in front of it.

MARY (from within): What are you doing here?

7 - On Chris, having gathered her senses a bit more and looking determined. Or more determined. Perhaps she's still holding one arm with the other or biting her lower lip as she searches for the right word.

CHRIS: I'm-I'm here to make things right.

8 - Back on the door.


9 - Long shot looking down the hallway towards Chris. She bows her head in defeat. She should be small due to the distance.

MARY (from within): You should leave.

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Thursday, December 24, 2015

Doomcember - Shred - Page 24

1 - Walking through a slightly less destroyed street, Chris and Robert come upon what's left of an apartment building entrance. The trail of smoke from last page rises in the background.

CHRIS: Here we are

2 - Chris starts to rip down / move the rotting boards that block the entrance. Robert looks on, sceptical.

ROBERT: Your sister lives here?

3 - Chris pauses in her board moving to turn and glare at Chris. Chris looks contrite.

ROBERT: Why don't I wait outside?

4 - Chris walks through the apartment foyer, which is just as desolate and abandoned as the entrance.


5 - Walking up the stairs, Chris pauses to cough.

CHRIS: hargk! hargk!

6 - Chris walks down a ratty hallway, detritus littering the floors and the like, towards a closed door at the end of the hall.


7 - On the closed door.


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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Doomcember - Shred - Page 23

1 - Insert panel. Close on Robert's face, as he looks on in shock and horror at what he sees.

CHRIS (off-panel): ...Planning to do the same.

2 - Splash. Chris and Robert are dwarfed by the absolutely enormous hole in the city that they stand next to. The crater is a city block or so in diameter, cutting deep into the world. Whatever came out burst from underground before things sank back in. From the hole's depths, a thin trail of dark, smoke-like air emerges, heading up to the sky to create that smog that has been visible. The entire effect may look like a black fire or possibly a small mushroom cloud.


3 - Insert panel. Chris walks  off around the perimeter of the crater; Robert continues to stare into the abyss.

CHRIS: Come on. My sister lives nearby.

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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Doomcember - Shred - Page 22

1 - Chris and Robert walk the city streets as the sun rises to begin a new day.  Chris smokes A cigarette. Rays of the dawn sun shine down on them, partially obscured by what looks to be really bad smog - keep this going throughout the page, perhaps getting worse panel by panel as they advance.

CAPTION (CHRIS): We need to go.

2 - The two continue to walk, the streets as filled with destruction and debris as before (perhaps more so). Chris continues to smoke her cigarette. Robert trails behind ever so slightly, clearly wanting to talk about things.


3 - Another panel of them walking. Chris flicks away a finished cig; Robert is as conflicted as ever.


4 - This time around, they are climbing a particularly large piece of building to continue along their way. Chris helps Robert crest the top, pulling him up over the final bit. Chris still has the cigarette in her mouth.


5 - In top of their newly achieved summit. Robert has his hands on his knees, panting to regain his breath. Chris coughs.

CHRIS: hargk!

ROBERT: Aren't you going to say anything to me? We've been walking for hours.

6 - Chris looks at Chris, an annoyed look on her face. Robert is taken aback at her frustration and is awkwardly defensive.

CHRIS: Where were you the day of The Attack?

ROBERT: Uh, I was uptown visiting my Dad.

CHRIS: I was heading here...

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Doomcember - Shred - Page 21

1 - Evelyn stares at Chris, the usual Shifter madness on Evelyn's face.
LETTERING NOTE: The norm of Shifters having black balloons and white letters.

EVELYN: hiss

2 - Evelyn's expression changes to one of concern.

EVELYN: chriss

3 - Chris runs away, fear in her eyes. Behind her, Evelyn watches as Chris runs. Behind that, Ethain struggles in his doomed fight.

EVELYN: runnn

4 - Chris runs through the camp, ignoring the violence and destruction going on about her (maybe some fire starting up).


5 - Chris rounds a corner and - not seeing him in time- slams headlong into Robert.

BOTH: oof!

6 - Chris and Robert sit opposite each other on the ground. Chris is flummoxed. Robert is busy catching his breath.

CHRIS: Robert?!

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Doomcember - Shred - Page 20

1 - Ethain, still by the cage, looks at the camp, as Shifters rip through tents and people alike. While what he sees is horrible, he mostly has a look of confusion on his face.

ETHAIN (quietly): ...But they shouldn't know how to coordinate on this scale...

2 - Close on a Shifter hand grabbing Ethain's arm through the cage bars.

3 - Ethain struggles to break the Shifter's grip and get away. Others reach for him; one reaches to grab the cattle prod that Ethain has dropped. Chris moves to help.

CHRIS: Ethain!

4 - A Shifter (Evelyn, although that may not yet be obvious) leaps from off-panel and lands between Chris and Ethain.


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Saturday, December 19, 2015

Doomcember- Shred - Page 19

1 - Chris and Ethain still at the cage. Chris is somewhat perturbed / unimpressed at Ethain's violence; Ethain looks at her dismissively.

CHRIS: Is that really necessary?

ETHAIN: *Pfft*

2 - Close on many Shifter feet running.

CAPTION (ETHAIN): They're mindless freaks.

3 - Close on a gun firing, the muzzle flash bright in the night.

TAILLESS WORD BALLOON: We're under attack!

SFX: krakka krakka krakka

4 - Close on a Shifter claw slashing.


5 - Close on blood, either splashing through the air or puddling on the ground.


6 - Shot of the compound (as at the top of page 17), but it is now overrun by Shifters. Tents and awnings have fallen, fences have been overturned, and little skirmishes are possibly visible throughout. Chris and Ehtain remain near the cage (although this needn't be explicitly clear to the reader).

CAPTION (ETHAIN): What're they gonna do?

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Doomcember - Shred - Page 18

1 - Ethain turns and looks away from Chris.

ETHAIN (1): At first, it was just something to do.

ETHAIN (2): A way to pass the time. To exert some control on our world. Or maybe to get some payback against the things that changed it.

2 - Switch to a few of the Shifter bodies that the Hunters brought back. They lie in the same cage as the living Shifters.

ETHAIN: Eventually, we realized people would trade for the bodies.

3 - On the living Shifters. They stand near the bars, perhaps looking less angry and more tired.

ETHAIN: Been hearing lately that demand is higher for living ones.

4 - On Ethain walking towards the cage, picking up a cattle prod as he goes.

ETHAIN: So we're giving that a go.

5 - Ethain is at the cage and gives a big ol' prod to one of the Shifters, who wigs out under the pain and electric. The others shirk away at the action.
LETTERING NOTE: As always, Shifter word balloons should be black with white letters.

ETHAIN: Doesn't mean we can't still rattle their cages on occasion


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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Doomcember - Shred - Page 17

1 - The Hunter "base", as it were.  It's a pretty temporary-looking affair.  There's a number of tents / canvas awnings erected in a little group, along with a cage area with some Shifters within it (including the ones the group just brought back).  There's perhaps some slipshop fences erected around the perimetre - either materials hastily thrown together or elements of the landscape converted into makeshift barriers (overturned cars, etc.).
LETTERING NOTE: Chris' word balloon comes from within an awning near the Shifter cage.

CHRIS (from within): So when you said you had a doc back at camp...

2 - Under the awning.  Chris sits on a makeshift table as Ethain finishes wrapping some bandaging around her now-repaired leg.

ETHAIN (1): Mostly meant camp had supplies I'd need.

ETHAIN (2): Multiple hats, yeah?

3 - On Chris, looking at and giving a feel for her leg.  She looks pretty satisfied.

CHRIS: Well, you're pretty good at this doctoring gig.

4 - Shift to behind the two looking out from the awning onto the caged Shifters.  A couple of Shifters stand at the bars, looking mad (as they so often seem to).  Maybe Chris is pointing at them.

CHRIS: ...So why do you and yours go out looking for this kind of trouble?

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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Doomcember - Shred - Page 16

1 - The same clearing. Ethain is piling the Shifter bodies onto a sledge. Chris sits nearby, nursing / wrapping her leg.
NOTE: We could consider having each panel (which is of the same scene) be slightly further back, giving a wider and wider view of the area.


2 - Andres and Roy return dragging a couple of Shifters behind them in a net. Ethain looks up and says something to them.


3 - They've piled the netted Shifters onto the sledge and are pulling it away from the clearing back towards camp. Ethain helps Chris along, supporting some of her weight.


4 - The figures are mostly out of view. We've moved far enough back to reveal Evelyn watching the scene from some distance away. Her expression is neutral, hard to read.


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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Doomcember - Shred - Page 15

1 - Ethain, Roy, and Andres stand amid the area where Chris had been facing off with the Shifters. These three men are all young (early twenties, if not earlier) and in varying states of scrawny to athletic. They wear similar clothing, all in a style that could be called The Warriors meets Mad Max (think matching motifs, weird hats, scars, tattoos, etc). Ethain gives an order to the other two.

ETHAIN: Roy, Andres, go track down the stragglers.

2 - Ethain turns his attention to Chris, offering a hand to help her up.  Chris does not reach to take it.

ETHAIN: You alright?

3 - Close on their hands, as Chris bats Ethain's away.

CHRIS: I didn't ask for help from Hunters.

4 - Chris awkwardly shimmies her way back up to her feet while trying to avoid putting weight on her injured leg p.  Perhaps Chris uses some nearby rubble or whatever for leverage.

ETHAIN (off-panel): Cone on, we're not all bad.

5 - On Chris' legs as she limps away.

ETHAIN (off-panel): We got a doc back at camp.

6 - On Chris' legs as she starts to take another step.

ETHAIN (off-panel): He could take a look at your leg.

7 - On Chris' legs. She has stopped walking.


8 - On Chris' legs. Shoe has turned around and looks towards Ethain.


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Monday, December 14, 2015

Doomcember - Shred - Page 14

1 - Close on Chris' shocked eyes.


2 - Close on the dead Shifter, blood pooling around its head.


3 - Close on the Shifter at Chris' legs, pulling them out from under her.


4 - On Chris and the Shifters around her. Chris lies on the ground, eyes closed and making herself as small as she can. The Shifters are being hit by more bullets, some in vital areas, some in less key ones. A few go down, others make to leave. The Shifter on top of Chris is hit, thus why it doesn't tear the hell out of her. One way to render / emphasize the bullets would potentially be to have little insert boxes around them to make them pop more for the reader.
LETTERING NOTE: The BLAM!s should be all over the page to get across the point that there are lots of bullets / shooters.


5 - Close on Chris' still closed eyes.


6 - On Chris as she opens her eyes to see a set of legs standing next to her pointing a gun in her direction. The top of the figure is cut off by the panel edge. Chris is terrified.


7 - Similiar panel, but it becomes clear the figure is aiming at the fallen Shifter next to Chris. The figure pulls the gun trigger, killing the Shifter.


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Sunday, December 13, 2015

Doomcember - Shred - Page 13

1 - Chris thrusts the flare at the stomach of one Shifter, burning it.


2 - Chris turns and slashes at another, drawing some neon-bright blood.


3 - Chris waves the flare in an arc to keep a group of Shifters at a distance.


4 - A Shifter sneaks up from behind Chris, grabbing onto her leg and biting.  Chris lets out a pained groan.


5 - A second Shifter leaps through the air, aiming to tackle Chris to the ground.


6 - A big "BLAM!" appears around the leaping Shifter's head, as a bullet rips through, killing it.  The Shifter's body goes ragged immediately.  Chris has her arms up to protect herself against the oncoming Shifter, not yet realizing what has happened.


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Saturday, December 12, 2015

Doomcember - Shred - Page 12

1 - Chris looks around to realize that she is surrounded by five or six other Shifters, each coloured in different strange and bright hues.  They look angry.  Chris looks worried.  She has dropped her bag.
LETTERING NOTE: As always, Shifter word balloons should be black with white letters.  I'd like multiple balloons, one per Shifter.


2 - Close on Chris's arms reaching into the bag.


3 - Close on Chris pulling out the flare and knife.


4 - Close on Chris as she uses the knife blade to set off the flare.


5 - Chris stands, the knife in one hand and the lit flare in the other.  She looks ready and determined.


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Friday, December 11, 2015

Doomcember - Shred - Page 11

1 - Chris is on the ground, bruised and scraped a bit from the fall.  Her bag lies beside her, having come off on the landing.  She looks at the slumped Shifter near her, whose colours match Evelyn's.

CHRIS: Evelyn?

2 - The Shifter looks up, menace and hate on its face.  It is not Evelyn.  It could even be a man to really emphasize the difference.
LETTERING NOTE: Shifter word balloons should remain black with white letters.

SHIFTER: hisss

3 - Chris is up, holding her bag at her side.  The Shifter springs towards her, flying through the air.

CHRIS: Guess not.

4 - Chris slams her bag into the Shifter's face, sending it sprawling.


5 - Chris stands, holding her bag and panting from the exertion.  Her attention is drawn by sounds coming from sources off-panel.  The Shifter lies on the ground, prone.
LETTERING NOTE: There should be many "hisss" coming from off-panel.  The balloons should be black with white letters.

SHIFTERS (off-panel, multiple): hisss

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Doomcember - Shred - Page 10

1 - Chris walks on through the city.  Things are relatively fine in her immediate area, but it's clear that destruction lies ahead.

CAPTION (CHRIS): She's across town.

2 - Later in the afternoon, Chris is walking around big pieces of debris where buildings have collapsed into the street.

CAPTION (CHRIS: But it's only a few hours walk.

3 - We're into night time.  The difference between street and building is unclear, because most everything seems to have collapsed.  Chris climbs among the big pieces of rubble, trying to make forward progress.

CAPTION (CHRIS): I'll be there well before dusk.

4 - On Chris as she looks in surprise at something coming her way.


5 - A Shifter dives from off-panel, tackling Chris off her feet (and off the current piece of rubble she's on).  It isn't necessarily possible to make it out from this panel, but the Shifter is Evelyn (the colours could be a good hint at that).  EDIT: The Shifter's colours look like Evelyn's, but it is not her.

CAPTION (CHRIS): So the Shifters won't even have a chance to bother me.

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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Doomcember - Shred - Page 9

1 - Chris marches down the hallway, Robert chasing after her.

ROBERT: What?  Where are you going?

CHRIS: To see my sister.

2 - Robert follows Chris down the stairs (the same from page 4).

ROBERT: But you never talk about her!  Why would you go visit her?  And why now?

3 - Like on page 4, the doorman is once again startled by Chris calling down.

CHRIS (off-panel): Get that door open!

4 - Chris stands outside the open gate looking at Chris, who stands within it (perhaps paralleling Chris and Evelyn in panel 6 of page 5).

CHRIS: It's like I told Evelyn.  Some people hang on for longer than others.

5 - Chris walks along the street, her back to the reader.

CAPTION (CHRIS): I want to make sure I see Marian again before either of us hits "long enough".

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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Doomcember - Shred - Page 8

1 - The next morning.  Outdoor view of the apartment building.  Robert's voice comes from within.

ROBERT (from within): Alright...

2 - In Chris' apartment.  Chris is looking at a bunch of objects laid out on her couch (not yet visible), while Robert is walking in, looking down at a notebook that he's writing away in.

ROBERT (1): It's a new day and people are going to want to know what's next.

ROBERT (2): It's still too cold to grow anything, but we should keep tending the gardens in case that changes.

ROBERT (3): Which leaves us with the usual options:

3 - On Chris' couch.  A whole bunch of items related to survival are laid out, along with a big back pack to put them all in.
LETTERING NOTE: Robert's dialogue should be placed throughout the page to match to particular items.  "Raiding" is next to a road flare and a small knife, "looting" is next to some tools and a flashlight, "and scavenging" is next to some food (not a lot), and "Wait--" is next to the back pack.

ROBERT (off-panel) (1): raiding,

ROBERT (off-panel) (2): looting,

ROBERT (off-panel) (3): and scavenging.

ROBERT (off-panel) (4): Wait--

4 - Back on Robert, who has looked up from his notebook and hasn't (or doesn't want to) put together what he's seeing.

ROBERT: What are you doing?

5 - Chris is walking out of the room with the packed bag on her back, already past Robert.  She wears a look of determination, while Robert just kind of turns to watch her trajectory but does not yet move to follow.

CHRIS: I'm leaving.

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Monday, December 7, 2015

Doomcember - Shred - Page 7

1 - Robert and Chris sit on the edge of the rooftop.  Robert is wistful; Chris makes a face.

ROBERT: You don't know that's what Shifting is.

CHRIS: Robert, Evelyn's dead!

2 - Back on Evelyn, who continues to stand in the street, looking up at the two rooftop figures.

ROBERT (off-panel): But she got back up.

3 - 5 - These three panels show close-ups of others "shifted" people, each a different set of otherworldly, glowing colours.

3 - A bright blue and red hand reaches across the corner of the entrance to an alley.

ROBERT (off-panel): The attack happened less than half a year ago.

4 - A yellow and purple foot walks along the street.

ROBERT (off-panel): It's too early to know what anything means.

5 - A white glowing eye (set in a pink and red face) looks through a broken fence.

ROBERT (off-panel): Evelyn could still be in there somewhere.

6 - On Evelyn in the street.  She turns to see a number of other "shifted" and glowing figures who have emerged from the environs and are now looking at her.

ROBERT (off-panel): They all could.

7 - Chris looks at Robert, mad.  Robert is defensive.

CHRIS: You can't seriously believe that, do you?

ROBERT: Well...

8 - Back on the street.  Evelyn and all the other figures are no longer there.

ROBERT (off-panel): I prefer it to assuming they're gone.

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Sunday, December 6, 2015

Doomcember - Shred - Page 6

1 - Chris stands on top of the apartment building - a brownstone maybe 5 or 6 stories high - looking down at the street below.  She smokes on another cigarette.  She wears the same warm clothing to protect her against the night's chill.


2 - Chris coughs into her free hand, a look of pain on her face.

CHRIS: hargk!  hargk!

3 - On Chris' hand, which is now covered in some blood / phlegm combo.

ROBERT (off-panel): Knock, knock.

4 - Robert comes out of the doorway, bandaged up after his earlier injuries.  Chris looks back, taking out a handkerchief to wipe off her hand.

CHRIS: All bandaged up, I see.

ROBERT: Those things'll kill you, you know.

5 - Chris looks back off the rooftop, down towards the street below.

CHRIS: The world we're living in...

6 - Street level.  The transformed Evelyn stands on the street, looking up.

CHRIS (off-panel): ...They'll have to get in line.

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Saturday, December 5, 2015

Doomcember - Shred - Page 5

1 - On Evelyn's blankets, which lay on the ground in a pile, fresh blood staining parts of them.

ROBERT (tailless): Argh!

2 - Evelyn, despite the handicap of being dead, stands menacingly in the entranceway, Chris and a few others trying to form a circle around her.  Chris crouches slightly, ready to spring into action.  Important to note that Evelyn's eyes are white as ever, now giving off an eerie glow, and the otherworldly green and orange is starting to appear all over her  body.  If it fits, Robert should be down on his knees, holding a bleeding wound, one of the others attending to him, but this is not integral to the scene.

CHRIS: Evelyn!  Stop this!

3 - Evelyn slashes at the doorkeeper, drawing blood.

CHRIS (off-panel): No!

4 - Chris slams into Evelyn's back, forcing the smaller figure off of her feet and through the opening into the sidewalk / street.


5 - Evelyn lies on the ground as Chris slams the door shut.


6 - Evelyn and Chris stand on either side of the metal gate / fence, staring each other down.  Evelyn looks wild and angry, perhaps grabbing onto the fence to try to break through; Chris looks sad and defeated.

CHRIS (quietly): I'm sorry.

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Friday, December 4, 2015

Doomcember - Shred - Page 4

1 - Chris stands in the empty waiting room, finishing a cigarette.


2 - Chris has dropped the finished cigarette and extinguishes it under her boot.

CHRIS: Alright...

3 - Chris, Robert, and a few others carry Evelyn's body down some stairs.  Evelyn's body is mostly wrapped in the blankets she was resting in, although her arm is visible.  Her skin appears to be glowing / starting to glow.  This isn't a focus, but it can be a minor emphasis in the relative darkness of the stairs.

CAPTION (CHRIS): We gotta get her outside.

ROBERT: Chris?

4 - On Evelyn's arm.  The skin is starting to glow an otherworldly green and orange.

ROBERT (tailless): ...Should she be changing so fast?

5 - A man sits on a stool next to a steel gate that is currently closed.  He looks up in surprise towards the stairwell where a shout emanates.  His surprise is of a level that he drops his book.

CHRIS (off-panel): Johnny!

6 - Close-up on Johnny pulling a chain up from his shirt, a key dangling on its end.

CHRIS (off-panel): Get that door open!

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Thursday, December 3, 2015

Doomcember - Shred - Page 3

1 - On Chris and Evelyn's clasped hands.

CHRIS (off-panel): Evelyn...

EVELYN: No, no, Chris.  It's fine.

2 - Chris brings in a second hand to hold Evelyn's hand.  The grouping of held hands is lower, closer to the bed.

EVELYN: I'm glad to have gotten some rest before I'll have to be up and moving again...

3 - Evelyn's hand lies on the bedside.  Chris' hands are not in frame.


4 - On the room at large, focused on Chris (as well as Robert in the background).  Chris sits, tears trickling down her cheeks, but without an expression on her face.  Robert looks over, recognizing what has occurred.


5 - Robert moves closer, some hesitation on his face.  Chris is annoyed.

ROBERT: ...I know everyone would like it if we could have one last goodbye.

CHRIS: We grieve beforehand for a reason.

ROBERT (1): I know, but...

ROBERT (2): It's Evelyn.

6 - Chris is up and walking towards the doorway.  Robert looks towards Evelyn's body.

CHRIS: Five minutes.

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Doomcember - Shred - Page 2

1 - On Robert and Chris' feet as they walk the halls.  Unsurprisingly, the halls are as worn as everything else.


2 - Robert and Chris pass through a waiting room towards the door at the back.  Chris is still smoking.  The room is filled with people sitting, standing, lounging, and so forth.  They have similar expressions to Robert last page - sad, tired, resigned.  They wear warm clothing.


3 - Inside the room, focused on the door as Robert and Chris pass through.  Chris asks a question of Robert, to which he nods in response.

CHRIS: Everyone get a chance to pay their respects?

EVELYN (off-panel): Is that you, Chris?

4 - Chris approaches a bed where an elderly woman (Evelyn) lies.  Evelyn is covered with blankets, resting her head on a pillow (although she looks towards Chris).  Her face (or at least her eyes) should not be visible.  The room's layout is very much in the vibe of a hospital.

EVELYN: I'm glad you could be here before the end.

CHRIS: No need to talk that way, Evelyn.  We both know some people hang on longer than others.

EVELYN: I've hung on long enough.  It's my time.

5 - Chris sits next to the bed and holds one of Evelyn's hands.


6 - Similar to panel 5.  Chris maybe sheds some tears - at the very least, she's sad.

CHRIS: I don't know how we'll get on without you to lead us.

EVELYN: Oh, Chris.  Everything you've been doing these past weeks...

7 - On Evelyn's face.  Her eyes are white, completely lacking pupils.  She is worn and tired, but she still wears a certain amount of pride.  She smiles.

EVELYN: I can see that you're ready.

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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

DOOMcember - Shred - Page 1

1 - Close-up of a zippo lighter in a woman's hand.  She tries to lit it, but only gets a spark.

SFX: skrtch

2 - The woman tries to light the zippo again, but doesn't even get a spark this time.

SFX: skrtch

3 - The woman tries a third time, getting the lighter to light up this time.

SFX: skrtch!

4 - The tip of a cigarette comes into view, its end lighting bright as the woman takes a long drag to catch the flame.


5 - Establishing shot of the woman, Chris, in a shabby apartment room.  Chris is a woman in her mid- to late-thirties who looks like she's seen better days.  She looks tired, sick, and generally worn down.  She coughs violently taking her cigarette from her mouth with one hand.  Her other hand holds an old photograph.  Chris sits on a threadbare couch, wrapped in a blanket, with a propane heater in front of her.  There's perhaps some candles or a lantern, but overall there is relatively little in the way of light.

CHRIS: hargk!  hargk!

6 - Close-up of the picture Chris is holding.  It is of her and her sister Mary in happier, better days.  The family resemblance is clear, although it's also evident that the two are separated by a few years.  They stand together on the edge of a lake - Mary is soaked, having clearly gone into the water in her clothing, while Chris remains dry.  The two smile together.

ROBERT (off-panel): Chris...

7 - Robert stands at the open doorway to Chris' room.  He is a younger man, looking a bit hardier for his youth, but he too looks somewhat tired and worn.  He looks sad.  Resigned.  Note, like Chris, he's wearing warmer clothing, despite the fact that they're both inside.

ROBERT: It's time.

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