Saturday, December 19, 2015

Doomcember - Shred - Page 18

1 - Ethain turns and looks away from Chris.

ETHAIN (1): At first, it was just something to do.

ETHAIN (2): A way to pass the time. To exert some control on our world. Or maybe to get some payback against the things that changed it.

2 - Switch to a few of the Shifter bodies that the Hunters brought back. They lie in the same cage as the living Shifters.

ETHAIN: Eventually, we realized people would trade for the bodies.

3 - On the living Shifters. They stand near the bars, perhaps looking less angry and more tired.

ETHAIN: Been hearing lately that demand is higher for living ones.

4 - On Ethain walking towards the cage, picking up a cattle prod as he goes.

ETHAIN: So we're giving that a go.

5 - Ethain is at the cage and gives a big ol' prod to one of the Shifters, who wigs out under the pain and electric. The others shirk away at the action.
LETTERING NOTE: As always, Shifter word balloons should be black with white letters.

ETHAIN: Doesn't mean we can't still rattle their cages on occasion


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