Thursday, December 3, 2015

Doomcember - Shred - Page 2

1 - On Robert and Chris' feet as they walk the halls.  Unsurprisingly, the halls are as worn as everything else.


2 - Robert and Chris pass through a waiting room towards the door at the back.  Chris is still smoking.  The room is filled with people sitting, standing, lounging, and so forth.  They have similar expressions to Robert last page - sad, tired, resigned.  They wear warm clothing.


3 - Inside the room, focused on the door as Robert and Chris pass through.  Chris asks a question of Robert, to which he nods in response.

CHRIS: Everyone get a chance to pay their respects?

EVELYN (off-panel): Is that you, Chris?

4 - Chris approaches a bed where an elderly woman (Evelyn) lies.  Evelyn is covered with blankets, resting her head on a pillow (although she looks towards Chris).  Her face (or at least her eyes) should not be visible.  The room's layout is very much in the vibe of a hospital.

EVELYN: I'm glad you could be here before the end.

CHRIS: No need to talk that way, Evelyn.  We both know some people hang on longer than others.

EVELYN: I've hung on long enough.  It's my time.

5 - Chris sits next to the bed and holds one of Evelyn's hands.


6 - Similar to panel 5.  Chris maybe sheds some tears - at the very least, she's sad.

CHRIS: I don't know how we'll get on without you to lead us.

EVELYN: Oh, Chris.  Everything you've been doing these past weeks...

7 - On Evelyn's face.  Her eyes are white, completely lacking pupils.  She is worn and tired, but she still wears a certain amount of pride.  She smiles.

EVELYN: I can see that you're ready.

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