Monday, December 7, 2015

Doomcember - Shred - Page 7

1 - Robert and Chris sit on the edge of the rooftop.  Robert is wistful; Chris makes a face.

ROBERT: You don't know that's what Shifting is.

CHRIS: Robert, Evelyn's dead!

2 - Back on Evelyn, who continues to stand in the street, looking up at the two rooftop figures.

ROBERT (off-panel): But she got back up.

3 - 5 - These three panels show close-ups of others "shifted" people, each a different set of otherworldly, glowing colours.

3 - A bright blue and red hand reaches across the corner of the entrance to an alley.

ROBERT (off-panel): The attack happened less than half a year ago.

4 - A yellow and purple foot walks along the street.

ROBERT (off-panel): It's too early to know what anything means.

5 - A white glowing eye (set in a pink and red face) looks through a broken fence.

ROBERT (off-panel): Evelyn could still be in there somewhere.

6 - On Evelyn in the street.  She turns to see a number of other "shifted" and glowing figures who have emerged from the environs and are now looking at her.

ROBERT (off-panel): They all could.

7 - Chris looks at Robert, mad.  Robert is defensive.

CHRIS: You can't seriously believe that, do you?

ROBERT: Well...

8 - Back on the street.  Evelyn and all the other figures are no longer there.

ROBERT (off-panel): I prefer it to assuming they're gone.

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