Friday, December 11, 2015

Doomcember - Shred - Page 11

1 - Chris is on the ground, bruised and scraped a bit from the fall.  Her bag lies beside her, having come off on the landing.  She looks at the slumped Shifter near her, whose colours match Evelyn's.

CHRIS: Evelyn?

2 - The Shifter looks up, menace and hate on its face.  It is not Evelyn.  It could even be a man to really emphasize the difference.
LETTERING NOTE: Shifter word balloons should remain black with white letters.

SHIFTER: hisss

3 - Chris is up, holding her bag at her side.  The Shifter springs towards her, flying through the air.

CHRIS: Guess not.

4 - Chris slams her bag into the Shifter's face, sending it sprawling.


5 - Chris stands, holding her bag and panting from the exertion.  Her attention is drawn by sounds coming from sources off-panel.  The Shifter lies on the ground, prone.
LETTERING NOTE: There should be many "hisss" coming from off-panel.  The balloons should be black with white letters.

SHIFTERS (off-panel, multiple): hisss

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