Thursday, December 3, 2015

Doomcember - Shred - Page 3

1 - On Chris and Evelyn's clasped hands.

CHRIS (off-panel): Evelyn...

EVELYN: No, no, Chris.  It's fine.

2 - Chris brings in a second hand to hold Evelyn's hand.  The grouping of held hands is lower, closer to the bed.

EVELYN: I'm glad to have gotten some rest before I'll have to be up and moving again...

3 - Evelyn's hand lies on the bedside.  Chris' hands are not in frame.


4 - On the room at large, focused on Chris (as well as Robert in the background).  Chris sits, tears trickling down her cheeks, but without an expression on her face.  Robert looks over, recognizing what has occurred.


5 - Robert moves closer, some hesitation on his face.  Chris is annoyed.

ROBERT: ...I know everyone would like it if we could have one last goodbye.

CHRIS: We grieve beforehand for a reason.

ROBERT (1): I know, but...

ROBERT (2): It's Evelyn.

6 - Chris is up and walking towards the doorway.  Robert looks towards Evelyn's body.

CHRIS: Five minutes.

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