Monday, October 30, 2017

Inktober - All For One - Pages 3 & 4

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Bah, got sidetracked once again and am rather behind. But worry not (I know it's been weighing on you), I'll catch right up, starting with this double page cannonade.

As established in times of yore, these machinations spring from the fruit that are Simon Fletcher's InkTober promptsWe're up to the seventh group of four from the Steampunk list - The Musketeer, The Magician, "Brass", and The Queen of Darkness.

Page 3

1 - Porthos (still hypnotized) holds D'Artagnan out at arms-length just before the portal (which is still inky black and full of stars). D'Artagnan squirms to get free, but is unable to escape his powerful friend. Athos stands before D'Artagnan, gloating. Hypnotized audience members who haven't yet walked into the portal stand on the perimeter, looking on.

D'ARTAGNAN: What is the meaning of this, Athos? We swore an oath to serve the king.

ATHOS (1): A king is supposed to represent God.

ATHOS (2): But the Dark Queen is a god.

2 - Closer in as Athos approaches D'Artagnan to gloat further. D'Artagnan leans in to better hear his former-friend's words.

ATHOS: And when I call her to our Earthly plane, she will provide me with rewards of unfathomable majesty in recompense.

D'ARTAGNAN: Sounds nice.

3 - D'Artagnan unleashes a vicious kick that pushes he and Porthos over and sends Athos flying into the portal.

D'ARTAGNAN: Maybe you can confirm the details when you see her.

ATHOS: oof!

4 - D'Artagnan and Porthos lie on the ground. D'Artagnan is starting to get to his feet, looking towards the portal in concern; Porthos is holding his head, confused but free of the hypnotism. Athos falls into the abyss within the portal, screaming quietly. The portal is glowing a nefarious darkness, growing larger. In the background, the remaining audience members have collapsed and are hypnotism-free. Perhaps some are already making their way towards the exit.

ATHOS (in the distance): Nooo!

PORTHOS (groggily): What happened?

D'ARTAGNAN: That is an excellent question.

Page 4

1 - D'Artagnan and Porthos are running through the initial bar setting, moving as quickly as they can to avoid the ever-growing portal that is chasing them.

CAPTION (D'ARTAGNAN): "I will be happy to explain when we have a moment."

2 - Porthos and D'Artagnan dive out of the front door of the building just as the portal is catching up.


3 - Porthos and D'Artagnan lie on the ground, looking at the enormous portal that has engufled the entire building.


4 - Repeat - maybe pulled back a little further - but the portal has shrunken down to a small point that is in the process of disappearing.

SFX (portal): poit!

PORTHOS: That was close.

D'ARTAGNAN: It was...

5 - Switch locations to Aramis holding a crystal ball that shows D'Artagnan. Aramis is maybe decked out in some cult-y wares, looking the part of yet another villain / betrayer. He looks on with an evil grin.

D'ARTAGNAN (from within crystal ball): But where is Aramis?

ARAMIS: Oh, you'll know soon enough.


Thursday, October 26, 2017

Inktober - All For One - Page 2

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As established in times of yore, these machinations spring from the fruit that are Simon Fletcher's InkTober promptsWe're up to the seventh group of four from the Steampunk list - The Musketeer, The Magician, "Brass", and The Queen of Darkness.

Page 2

1 - The hypnotized masses are walking towards an evil looking portal in a back room of the club. The portal looks to be inky black and filled with stars. Some of the people are disappearing into the portal, seemingly drifting away into infinity. Athos and D’Artagnan peer from around the corner of the stairway the led down here, looking on. They have removed their earplugs.
LETTERING NOTE: The hypnotized masses should have a suitably dark word balloon - maybe black with purple writing? - to show how evil things are.

HYPNOTIZED MASSES: We will join our Dark Queen. We will join our Dark Queen.

D’ARTAGNAN: This seems...problematic.

2 - Close on D’Artagnan and Athos as they try to make a plan. Athos looks calm and collected; D’Artagnan looks really worried and shifty. His body language has him already moving back up the stairs. Behind him, the boots and legs of Pathos are visible, although his identity is not yet clear.

ATHOS: Nonsense. All is going according to plan.

D’ARTAGNAN: I’m not sure that I can agree with that assessment.

3 - D’Artagnan has turned to depart up the stairs and walks directly into the tall, barrel-chest of Porthos. It’s cartoony in its violence, like when someone runs into a pole, with D’Artagnan’s arms straight out ahead of him, as if they are trying to reach ahead without him. Frame the panel so Porthos’ face is not visible and it’s not yet clear it’s him (perhaps D’Artagnan’s running into him hides his musketeer outfit as well).

D’ARTAGNAN: In fact, I think now would be the perfect moment to seek aid—!

4 - D’Artagnan looks up and realizes he is sitting before (and has just run into) his portly friend, Porthos. D’Artagnan is so pleased that he doesn’t notice that something is amiss - Porthos looks somewhat menacing and his large musketeer hat is angled such that his face is not visible to the reader.

D’ARTAGNAN: Porthos! Your timing is impeccable!

5 - Porthos raises his head to reveal that he is equally hypnotized and under the control of whatever nefarious being is running the show. He looks menacingly at our heroes, reaching to grab D’Artagnan, who looks kind of terrified.
LETTERING NOTE: Porthos’ speech balloon should be the same dark set-up of the other hypnotized folk.

PORTHOS: You will join the Dark Queen.

D’ARTAGNAN (quietly): Or perhaps not.

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Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Inktober - All For One - Page 1

We're back up to speed, so it's back to one page a day. Hope you don't mind!

As established in times of yore, these machinations spring from the fruit that are Simon Fletcher's InkTober promptsWe're up to the seventh group of four from the Steampunk list - The Musketeer, The Magician, "Brass", and The Queen of Darkness.

Page 1

1 - A jazz band plays on the stage of a fancy nightclub. We've got a trumpeter, tromboner, maybe a saxiphonist, stand-up bassist, and drummer. The brass players are front and centre, playing their instruments to the crowd / reader. The group is wearing bright, larger than life outfits.
LETTERING NOTE: The musical notes should float around the panel, maybe even bleeding into the neighbouring ones.

SFX: [musical notes]

2 - Pull back to include the audience within the panel. The band plays on, mostly to a crowd in 1930s-esque clothing and decor, with a couple of musketeers, Athos and D'Artagnan, sitting in a booth towards the back, looking somewhat out of place in the swanky crowd. The fact that they're wearing bright, conspicuous earplugs isn't helping them to fit in. They shout to hear themselves over their protective ear-wear.



3 - Switch around the angle of focus and close in on Athos and D'Artagnan. Both continue to shout, but while D'Artagnan is focused on his colleague, Athos looks towards the crowd (currently off-panel).



4 - A shot of the whole crowd, now standing and transfixed by the ongoing music. Their eyes have the classic hypnotized look to them. D'Artagnan is finally noticing and looking concerned. Athos is calm as ever.


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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Inktober - When One Door Closes - Page 3 & 4

Pages 1 and 2.

I remain a little behind on this portion of Inktober, but in the interests of catching up, I'm throwing twice the pages at you, so here's page 3 and 4 of "When One Door Closes".

As we've established throughout the month, I'm working from Simon Fletcher's InkTober promptsWe're up to the sixth group of four from the Steampunk list - "Gears", "Smithy", The Gateway, and The Alchemist.

Page 3

1 - Helena stands, still stunned at her discover. She reaches out with one hand to touch the portal, which is still pulsing bright crimson.


2 - A spark flares up near the bottom of the portal, a brighter red than the rest of the portal's surface.

SFX: psssh!

3 - The portal lights on an alchemical fire that same brighter red, burn upwards from bottom to top, erasing the portal from existence. Helena jumps back in surprise / fright.

SFX: fwooosh!

4 - Exterior shot of Helena's cottage, except there's an enormous hole in the wall where the portal was, the portal having destroyed the wall. The perimeter of the hole should be dark as if it was sculpted to be that way, the strange burning of the portal having left no residual heat. Helena looks outside through the hole, a stunned / surprised look on her face.

HELENA (quietly): whoa

5 - Back inside. Helena is still standing and facing the wall, but her eyes look down and to the side at something off panel. Maybe she has a hand up to her chin in a classic thinking / scheming pose.

HELENA: That was quite the reaction...

6 - Another panel focused on the manner glass receptacles filled with the dark, inert liquid (just like panel 1 of page 2).

HELENA (off-panel): ...once the liquid left its container...

Page 4

1 - We're back at the alchemist bar from page 1. Helena and the brochemists sit at a table, all holding goblets of wine in front of them. The brochemists look a little suspicious, but Helena is all confidence.

HEAD BROCHEMIST: This better be good.

HELENA: It will be.

2 - Helena holds up her glass for a toast.

HELENA: But first I would like to propose a toast.

3 - The brochemists tip up their goblets and drink deeply.

HELENA (off-panel): We have never been the best of friends, but I hope that what I have discovered will open your mind to new possibilities.

4 - On the group again. Helena has put down her goblet, revealing she has not drunken any of it. The brochemists are looking kind of ill and sickly.

HELENA: And if not.

5 - On Helena's feet / chair. There is a large glass container that is mostly empty, save for a small amount of dark, inert liquid that was not poured into the goblets.

HELENA (off-panel): I'm certain it will open something else.


Monday, October 23, 2017

Inktober - When One Door Closes - Page 1 & 2

So I'm a little behind on this portion of Inktober, but I'm dedicated to catching up, so here's page 1 and 2 of "When One Door Closes".

As we've established throughout the month, I'm working from Simon Fletcher's InkTober promptsWe're up to the sixth group of four from the Steampunk list - "Gears", "Smithy", The Gateway, and The Alchemist.

Page 1

1 - We're in an alchemist bar (and by extension, a world that would support an alchemist bar). A group of bro-y alchemists are throwing around a stoppered vial filled with some glowing liquid (their leader is pretty much the human version of Spike from Looney Tunes). Helena, a small, mousey woman runs between the group, trying to get the bottle back. She looks annoyed and distressed. The brochemists are not taking her requests seriously. A classic bully game of keep away.

HELENA: Hey, be careful! That could be dangerous!

2 - The head brochemist has poped the stopper off the vial with his thumb and sniffs at the contents within. He makes a face. He holds back Helena with his other, outstretched arm, preventing her from getting near through their height difference (kind of like this - normally I'd use a better reference picture, but can't seem to figure out how Google would understand a description of that pose).

HEAD BROCHEMIST: You made it, right?

3 - The head brochemist pours the open vial onto Helena's head. She raises her hands in vain to protect herself; the liquid flows all down her from head to toe. Everyone laughs at her.

HEAD BROCHEMIST: I think it'll be okay.


4 - Outside the bar. The brochemists are throwing Helena out of the door and she sails through the air towards the street.

HEAD BROCHEMIST: Thanks for visiting.

5 - On Helena. She sits on the street, her self and pride both hurt. She looks angry. In the background, the brochemists have turned and are heading back inside the bar.

HEAD BROCHEMIST: Come back when you've brewed something worthwhile!

Page 2

1 - Establishing shot of all manner of different sized glass bottles, vials, jars, flasks, and any type of receptacle you can imagine sitting on a table. They are all filled with dark, inert liquid (unlike the glowing liquid from the previous page).

HELENA (off-panel): Come on.

2 - On Helena combing one glowing, coloured liquid with another, pouring them together.

HELENA: One hundred and third time's the charm, right?

3 - Repeat panel, except the newly poured liquid has gone dark and inert like the ones from panel 1. Helena looks extremely frustrated.


4 - Helena throws the bottle with the dark, inert liquid at the wall in anger.


5 - On the wall where the liquid smashed. It's dripping down, a haunting crimson glow starting to emerge throughout.


6 - The liquid has dripped into a perfect oval portal, not unlike ones from Portal or Ricky and Morty. Helena stands before the portal, silhouetted by its now bright crimson as she stares into it.

HELENA (quietly): whoa.

Page 3 and 4.

Friday, October 20, 2017

Inktober - Practice Made Perfect - Page 4

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As discussed previously, we're working from Simon Fletcher's InkTober prompts, specifically the fifth group of four from the Steampunk list - The Portuguese Count, The Pickpocket Boys, "Rusty", and "Wings".

Page 4

1 - We're back at Wings and Rusty's horde of treasure. Much of the treasure, sculpture, and art from the previous page is now among the riches spread all about. Wings and Rusty stand on their platform. Rusty is pouring some treasure / art out of his checked luggage, looking sad and down. Wings puts a hand on Rusty's shoulder, trying to reassure him.

WINGS: Don't worry about it, Rusty...

2 - Back in the planning room. Wings spreads another huge blueprint onto the table. This one is a castle with all manner of ridiculous defenses: "giants", "self-confidence", "a good offense" - that kind of thing.

CAPTION (WINGS): "I heard about this Baron in Belarus..."

3 - Wings is looking closely at the blueprint; Rusty pauses, looking like he's worried / just noticed something

RUSTY: Wait...

4 - Back at the Count's manor. Bandit is driving the excavator machine and has broken the heck out of the manor. Currently Bandit is digging out a giant dinosaur bone from the ground. Bandit has a huge doggy grin on his face, tongue lolling in excitement.

CAPTION (RUSTY): "Where's Bandit?"

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Inktober - Practice Made Perfect - Page 3

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As discussed previously, we're working from Simon Fletcher's InkTober prompts, specifically the fifth group of four from the Steampunk list - The Portuguese Count, The Pickpocket Boys, "Rusty", and "Wings".

Page 3

1 - Rusty and Wings are at airport, checking into their flight. Wings is wearing a huge backpacking backpack, with a number of the items from the previous page (and others that didn't appear) poking out from various flaps or tied on awkwardly (the clarinet is hanging from a strap, for example). For his part, Rusty is watching as two airline employees struggle to place his checked bag on the conveyor belt - it's enormous and clearly overweight. Bandit stands between them on a leash (possibly attached to Wings' backpack).

CAPTION: And so.

RUSTY: Please be careful with that. Some of the contents are very fragile.

2 - On the plane. Rusty and Wings are flying coach. They're in a three-seat row, with a very uncomfortable man sitting between them (both because he's surrounded by all-star thieves and because there's not a lot of space). He looks at them plaintively. Wings is reading the airline magazine. Rusty is looking out the window, Bandit in his lap.


PASSENGER: D-do you wanna switch seats?


WINGS: We're good.

3 - At their destination. Wings and Rusty stand at the luggage carousel. It's empty and all the other passengers are gone. Rusty's big checked bag is conspicuously absent. Wings admonishes her colleague. Bandit is also getting impatient, maybe rolling his doggy eyes.

CAPTION: Getting closer?

WINGS: I told you not to check your luggage.

4 - Finally outside the Count's manor - it is familiar from the previous page's blueprints. Rusty races towards the door like a maniac, holding the pogostick above his head like an axe. Wings is driving the excavator, sending its digger part towards the building's wall. Bandit may also be about, racing towards the door with the bolt cutters in his mouth. If possible, put a little envelope attached to the front door - it's a note left for our protagonists.

CAPTION: Finally!

RUSTY: Let's get this party...

5 - Interior of the mansion. We're in an enormous front entrance that is completely devoid of occupants. Rusty has smashed through the front door, with part of the door (and the envelope) sitting near his feet. Wings has followed him in and is leaning down to pick up the envelope. Bandit has stopped, dropped the bolt cutters and is scratching himself. It's adorable. There's also a massive hole in part of the wall where the excavator digger broke through. Frame so the characters are small and far away.

RUSTY (quietly): ...started?

6 - Wings has opened the envelope and reads the letter within. Rusty looks over her shoulder, eager to know what it says.

RUSTY: What's it say?

WINGS: Aw, man! He's already abandoned the manor!

7 - Switch to the manor's treasure trove. It's not quite on par with Rusty and Wings', but it's still impressive. Maybe have lots of sculpture and art, plus shiny metals and gems.

CAPTION (WINGS): "We can have anything we want."

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