Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Uh, Raccoons, Everybody!

And for the heck of it, two unrelated(?) short comics about raccoons.  If you're wondering what that feeling you're getting while reading these are, it's probably confusion.  Maybe acid reflux.

Comic the First

1 - A man and a woman (stereotypical older couple) standing looking at an overturned garbage can on their front lawn.

MAN: Oh, Martha, the raccoons got into the trash again!

WOMAN: *tsk* I just can't understand what they must be thinking when they do that.

2 - Same scene, but the night before.  It's dark to reflect this fact.  In place of the couple are two or three raccoons going hog wild on the garbage can (which is in the same position as in panel 1).  Their mouths are filled with garbage and they wear crazy smiles on their raccoon faces.


RACCOON 2: garbagegarbagegarbage!

3 - Repeat panel 2.  The only difference is that the raccoons are now all looking towards the reader, smiling their same crazy smile.  No dialogue.

Comic the Second

1 - Night time.  Two raccoons around a garbage can.  One is leaning up against it, preparing to knock it over.  The other is to the side, watching.

2 - Similar panel, but the raccoons have paused, looking towards something off-panel.

CAPTION: What is it?

3 - Similar panel, but there's a spotlight shining on the garbage can (from an off-panel flashlight).  The raccoons are nowhere to be seen.

CAPTION: Nothing.

4 - Pull back a bit.  The scene is now inside a kitchen.  A man is coming in the back door and a woman is looking towards him from the kitchen table.  Through the kitchen window, the same garbage can is visible, with the raccoons making progress in knocking it over.

MAN: ...I thought I heard something.

(Nothing to blame for this one.  I heard some raccoons a few nights ago and wanted to write a comic about what they might have been getting up to.)

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Because I Can

I would imagine that my readership is in the negatives at this point, but I felt like doing some writing this evening, so if you do happen to be perusing this, I hope you enjoy.  Unfortunately, unless you follow Canadian politics, it might be a bit hard to follow (and even then, no guarantees).  Anyways, enough apologizing on my part.

Three rows of panels.  Two panels in the top row, three in the middle row, and two in the bottom row.

Page 1

1 - Peter Milliken is standing on the sidewalk, wearing a full suit.  He is talking to another gentleman, who is also wearing a full suit.  Towards the bottom right of the page, Grant walks his bicycle.  He notices Peter Milliken and is surprised - to demonstrate this, please place an exclamation mark above his head.

CAPTION (GRANT): I saw Peter Milliken on the street today.

2 - Almost identical panel.  Peter Milliken and his interlocutor continue chatting.  Grant continues to walk his bicycle, surreptitiously looking towards the two.  First caption at the top of the page; second caption at the bottom.

CAPTION (GRANT) (1): I momentarily wondered if he'd recognize me.

CAPTION (GRANT) (2): We don't really know each other, but I've met him on a number of occasions.

3 - Similar layout as the previous panel (both Peter Milliken and Grant remain in the same spots, relative to each other), but now in the House of Commons.  Peter Milliken sits in the Speaker's Chair, wearing the traditional garments of the Speaker of the House of Commons.  Sitting in the chairs on either side of the aisle are forty or so Parliamentary Tour Guides.  Grant (wearing a guide uniform) is standing, nervously looking towards Peter Milliken.

CAPTION (GRANT): Like when I thanked him for meeting with the Parliamentary Tour Guides during training.

4 - Similar layout as the previous panel (both Peter Milliken and Grant remain in the same spots, relative to each other), but now in Kingsmere (the official residence of the House of Commons).  Peter Milliken is standing with a group of people and engaging in small talk.  Grant is standing before a small group of visitors, wearing that same guide uniform and giving a tour.

CAPTION (GRANT): Or the many times I gave tours of his residence during special events.

5 - Similar layout as the previous panel  (both Peter Milliken and Grant remain in the same spots, relative to each other), but now in the Parliamentary Restaurant.  Mr. Milliken, Grant, and nine other people sit around a table (not all nine of them need to be visible, but they fill in the space between Milliken and Grant).

CAPTION (GRANT): Or even when he had lunch with me and my colleagues for a few hours earlier this year.

6 - Back to the present.  Peter Milliken looks up from his interlocutor and spots Grant.  The two lock eyes (feel free to use a dotted line to represent this occurrence).

CAPTION (GRANT): Suddenly, our eyes met.

7 - Peter Milliken returns to his interlocutor, no recognition in his face.  Grant walks on.

CAPTION (GRANT): Guess not.

(Blame thought balloons' autobiographical week for this one.  Was really in the mood after my entry.)