Friday, October 30, 2015

Inktober - Page 22

1 - A close-up of the door's bell ringing as the door opens.

SFX: bada-ling!

2 - A much younger Darren walks into the shop.  Not only is he noticeably younger, he also has none of the robotic / cybernetic modifications seen in the present timeline.


3 - This younger Darren goes up to the counter and speaks to the elderly couple.

DARREN: Excuse me...

4 - Return to the table where the clock sat.  The table is bare, as both the clock and Sarah have disappeared.  All the remains is a few motes of purple glittering where they formerly were.

DARREN (off-panel): I've been seeing this amazing girl and she has a birthday coming up...

Thursday, October 29, 2015

InkTober - Page 21

1 - We're in a different store.  Much smaller.  Maybe a mixture of a bookstore / new age-y magic store (in a world where magic is real, of course).  An elderly couple are looking at a book or something at the cash (in the background).


2 - Similar panel.  Sarah appears, surrounded by a similar haze of purple glimmer.  She looks stunned.  The elderly couple don't seem to notice her arrival.

SARAH: -- nothing!

ELDERLY WOMAN (quietly in background): Did you hear something?

3 - Sarah looks around, kind of confused.

SARAH: What am I doing--

4 - The same clock that Sarah is holding sits on one of the tables.  It sits in the foreground, with Sarah looking over and seeing it for the first time in the background.  She is, of course, holding the clock's exact twin.

SARAH: --here?

5 - Sarah approaches the clock, an idea forming in her mind.

SARAH (quietly): It reminded me of you...

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

InkTober - Page 20

1 - Sarah uses her purple flames to act as a little rocket boost to launch herself away as the shadowy tentacles slams into the ground where she was standing moments before.

SARAH: Augh!


2 -  Sarah lands in a heap amongst all manner of broken shelves and pawn-porium knick-knacks.  She looks triumphantly at the clock, which is demarcated with an inset panel.

SARAH: ow.

3 - Inset panel of the clock.


4 - Sarah crouches down and picks up the clock, holding her necklace with her other hand.  Her necklace glows a deep purple, which seems to be glittering along her person.

SARAH: Here goes--

5 - Sarah and the clock disappear, leaving a few motes of purple glittering where they were moments ago.


Tuesday, October 27, 2015

InkTober - Page 19

1 - Inset panel.  The tentacle wraps around Darren's leg in a tight grip.

SARAH (off-panel): Darren!

2 - Darren hangs helplessly upside down, his sword and laser gun lost / falling from his hands.  Sarah throws some fire at the shadows, but it doesn't seem to do much.

DARREN: It's too late.  You can't save me now.

3 - The tentacles are closing in on Darren, bringing him to one of the toothy maws.

DARREN (1): But you might be able to save me then!

DARREN (2): The clock, Sarah!

4 - Close-up of Sarah closing her eyes / covering her face.  Maybe some tears welling.

DARREN (off-panel): The cl--!

Monday, October 26, 2015

InkTober - Page 18

1 - A huge dark tentacle slams down into the table between Sarah and Darren, causing all kinds of damage.  The two jump away in opposite directions.


2 - Sarah throws off some purple fire at a nearby monster / maw.

SARAH: What keeps these things down?

SFX: fwoosh!

3 - The two remaining mecha-minotaurs are not doing particularly well.  One is being crushed / squeezed to death by tentacles, while the other is being torn apart by some monsters.  It doesn't look good for them.


4 - Darren chops off a tentacle with the sword and fires off the laser gun with his other hand.  It looks pretty impressive.  Unfortunately, a tentacle is coming from behind him, angling towards his legs.

DARREN: If I had an answer to that question, I wouldn't have so many eggs in the time travel basket!

Sunday, October 25, 2015

InkTober - Page 17

1 - Darren draws the sword from its scabbard.  Sarah flicks at her necklace (which is somewhere between black and purple).  Perhaps shadowy smoke / tentacles are approaching the scene.

DARREN (1): My sincerest apologies, Sarah.  I was searching for dimensions where I did better.

DARREN (2): But all I found were ones where I did worse.

2 - Darren holds the sword with one hand, drawing his laser gun with the other.  Sarah has her necklace glowing purple again and starts moving her hands to summon some magic flames.  The surrounding darkness seems deeper than before.

DARREN: My methodology was brute force-based.  I endeavoured to close any fissures I would have left behind.

3 - Darren, Sarah, and the mecha-minotaurs stand in defence against the coming darkness.  A combination of tentacles, toothy maws, and monstrous shadows approach, both near and far.  What's left of Toro's body is being bandied about / devoured by various parts of the monsters.  Greg is diving into the floor to hide.

DARREN:'s possible I missed a few.

SARAH: I'm thinking maybe.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

InkTober - Page 16

1 - Darren lays down an info-dump.  Let's say that he's trying to play it cool and act like this isn't a big deal - maybe moving to another area to search for the clock.  At the very least, he's probably not making eye contact with Sarah.

DARREN (1): I believe its thaumaturgic properties could prove beneficial to my needs.

DARREN (2): You may recall how temporal events would occasionally be torpid or languid when in immediate proximity to the clock.

DARREN (3): If my calculations are correct, the application of a sufficient amount of energy should enable it to circumvent the limits of chronology entirely.

2 - Darren pauses, absentmindedly looking at a sword on the table.  Sarah puts together the pieces and is rather surprised.

SARAH (1): Wait.

SARAH (2): You want to turn my clock into a time machine?

3 - Sarah's necklace goes from purple to black.  She and Darren look at her necklace, fear creeping into their expressions.

SARAH: What have you done, Darren?

4 - A scream from off-panel grabs everyone's attention.  Darren picks up the sword.


InkTober - Page 15

1 - The group stands in another alley of shelves, along with some tables in between.  As before, there are all kinds of trinkets, objects, and the like littering them - a veritable cornucopia of knick knacks.  Sarah stops, her necklace floating in front of her.  Greg speaks up, causing Darren to look his way.

SARAH: Okay, it's somewhere nearby.

GREG: Did you know that darkness not only obscures details but also makes it harder to judge depth and distance?

DARREN: I see that you haven't changed, Greg.

2 - On Darren as he looks towards one of the mecha-minotaurs and gives an order.

DARREN (1): But you raise a good point.

DARREN (2): Toro, go see if you can't turn on the lights.

3 - The group searches among the bookshelves, tables, and the like.


4 - Sarah and Darren are looking at the same bookshelf, side by side.  They look at the shelves and not at each other.

DARREN (1): Sarah.

DARREN (2): Why did you get rid of the clock?

SARAH: Because it reminds me of you.

5 - Repeat panel.  Darren looks at Sarah, pained.

DARREN: Then why do you want it back?

6 - Repeat panel.  Sarah looks at Darren, meeting his gaze.  She looks sad.

SARAH: Why do you?

InkTober - Page 14

1 - Sarah sits cross-legged in some sort of meditation / ritual, purple energy radiating from her.  It could potentially be the type of thing where her hair, clothing, and so forth floats upwards, either because gravity is lessened or the power pushes everything away from her.  Either way, she's doing that while everyone else just kind of watches, awash in the purple glow.

CAPTION (SARAH): ...we both know that's not how that works.

2 - On Sarah's necklace.  It glows bright purple again.

SARAH (off-panel): Alright, I'm recharged.

3 - Darren tries to get Sarah's attention, but she shrugs him off and walks on.

DARREN: I'm sorry about the Seer crack--

SARAH (interrupting): Let's go find a clock.

4 - Darren scratches the back of his head with one hand, looking sadly and awkwardly at the ground.  The mecha-minotaurs try to act like they haven't noticed how awkward this is.


5 - Maybe from above.  Sarah walks on, her necklace floating out in front of her as if pointing in a direction.  Darren and the rest start to follow her, walking slightly behind.


Thursday, October 22, 2015

InkTober - Page 13

1 - Darren looks at Sarah inquisitively, while the mecha-minotaurs continue to hold her.  Sarah looks back at Darren, confused.

DARREN: Now.  Where's the clock?

SARAH: ...what?

DARREN: You mean you haven't found it yet?

2 - Close-up of Sarah.  She is a mixture of mad and embarrassed.

DARREN (off-panel): No wonder they stopped calling you the Seer.

3 - Darren turns away and gestures at the mecha-minotaurs in a dismissive fashion.  They let go of Sarah, who rubs her arms to get some of the feeling back into them.

DARREN: No matter.  If you could do a little incantation or whatever to bring it here, that would be great.

SARAH: Darren...

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

InkTober - Page 12

1 - Sarah marches towards the three hooded figures (who have arrived in the main room of the Pawn-Porium).  The central figure reaches out towards Sarah.


2 - Sarah slaps the heck out of the central hooded figure, taking his hood off in the process.

SFX: smack!


3 - Darren, the hooded figure that Sarah just hit, pauses to hold his face (which is possibly red from the impact).  Without his hood, it's possible to see that he is cyborg-ish with metal parts grafted onto his face in a way not unlike the mecha-minotaurs (although it's made to be seen).  One of his hands might also be robotic - who's to say.

SARAH: What?

4 - Darren looks up - again, his cyborg nature more and more apparent (let's say one eye glows red) - he's mad, although trying to stay calm about it.  Sarah is hopping mad and doesn't care who knows.

DARREN: I understand that you're upset.

5 - The mecha-minotaurs come back into the scene, grabbing and restraining Sarah from behind.  She struggles, but it will do no good.

DARREN: ...but you're hardly in a position to dictate terms.

InkTober - Page 11

1 - The minotaurs stand tall, looming over Sarah, who is still on her ass from the fall.  Those aforementioned metal portions

SARAH: Oh, come on!

2 - Sarah is getting up and shouting.  The mecha-minotaurs are startled by her lack of fear / paying them attention.

SARAH: Not cool, Darren!

3 - Sarah is up and walking away from the mecha-minotaurs (who are exchanging looks of confusion) and back into the Pawn-Porium.

SARAH: Pretty sure we agreed to give each other some space!

Sunday, October 18, 2015

InkTober - Page 10

1 - Back in the main room, Sarah is retreating quickly, jumping down the steps she took to get to the balcony.

SARAH: Not here.

2 - Continuing her racing pace, Sarah leaps over a low table, possibly knocking a few objects off.

SARAH: Not now.

3 - Sarah is nearly at the door, running as quickly as ever.

SARAH: Not--

4 - Before Sarah can get any closer, the door and surrounding wall explodes inwards as the minotaurs from earlier smash them in.  The panel should be a mixture of debris and minotaur violence, but if you can get in the same glowing red eyes from page 4, that would be grand.  Also, if some of their skin is torn off and showing metallic parts beneath, that would be cool, but that's something we'll see more of in the coming pages.  In the face of this destruction, Sarah throws up her hands to protect herself and falls backwards.


Saturday, October 17, 2015

InkTober - Page 9

1 - The central hooded figure turns to the clockwork goat-men and puts his hands up in a placating manner.

HOODED FIGURE: You're right.

2 - The figure continues to hold up one hand, while reaching into his robes with the other.

HOODED FIGURE: Punishment is deserved.

3 - The figure draws a laser gun and blows the hell out of one of the goat-men - the gun's beam completely disintegrating its upper-half.

HOODED FIGURE: But I will be the one delivering it!


4 - The figure turns his attention to the balcony where Sarah and Greg have been.  At the same time, he aims (without looking) and destroys the second goat-man (the first is either falling over or has already fallen).



5 - Back on the balcony - similar panel to page 8, panel 5 - except Sarah and Greg are gone.

HOODED FIGURE (off-panel): I know you're here!

InkTober - Page 8

1 - Sarah has gone into a crouch and is hiding her eyes as if to hide.  Greg is straight up gone - although his ghost briefcase and its contents are still there.  That said, there's no one else visible in the panel - the shouting is coming from a different room (and is visible as such by the word balloon tail).


2 - Sarah opens her eyes, realizing the voice isn't as near as it may have initially seemed.  Greg floats out from a wall / floor, his head visible as he peaks out from his hiding spot.  The shouting continues.

OFF-PANEL SHOUT: Stop what you're doing!

3 - Sarah moves quietly towards the doorway where the shouting is coming from.  Greg is busy picking up his things.


4 - In the next room of the Pawn-Porium.  The focus of the scene is a handful of cloaked figures who are being harangued by two huge clockwork goat-headed beings.  It does not look like a fair fight.  In the background, Sarah peaks over a balcony / doorway to look down on the scene.

GOAT CREATURE: Breaking and entering is a serious crime and you will be duly punished for your misdeeds!

5 - Sarah looks back at a nervous Greg (who has caught up after gathering his things).  Greg looks worried; Sarah sheepish / apologetic.

SARAH: Okay, maybe security has gotten a little better.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

InkTober - Page 7

1 - From the perspective of a shelf of knick knacks.  Sarah and Greg can be seen through the holes she's made by removing objects (although a few remain on the shelf - like a jar of eyeballs, a music box, etc).  Sarah has her hand on an item on the shelf, while looking the object she holds in her other hand.  Greg floats slightly behind her, looking around nervously.

SARAH: Guess we're doing this the old fashioned way.

2 - Sarah's discarding items quickly, throwing them over her shoulder and onto the floor in her haste, her eyes focused on the task at hand.  Greg continues to look uncomfortable.

GREG: Breaking and entering is one of the most commonly committed - and most commonly prosecuted - crimes.

SARAH: Relax, Greg.  It's only a crime if someone catches us.

3 - Similar panel as 2, but Sarah has paused her throwing and her eyes are wide with shock and fear as someone yells from off-panel.  Greg is equally terrified, dropping his ghost briefcase and flinching in fear.

Lettering note: The shout's word balloon should take up a good portion of the panel to emphasize how loud it is.


Wednesday, October 14, 2015

InkTober - Page 6

1 - Close-up of the bell above the door ringing as the door closes behind it.

SFX: bada-ling!

SARAH (off-panel): God...

2 - Establishing shot of Pan's interior.  It's a huge room, with shelves and tables and storage space everywhere, and nearly every single surface looks to be piled with stuff.  Whether it's mementoes, knick knacks, more practical items, or whatever else you can think of, it's pretty much there.  Also worth noting would be that there's doorways and stairs all about leading to other parts of the store.  They don't have to all be on the panel, but the focus should be on how big the place is.  Serena and Greg are somewhat dwarfed by its size.

SARAH: Why can't Pan's be more of a Pawn-Mart?

3 - Sarah turns to Greg to ask him a question; Greg looks jazzed that she would even consider his opinion.

SARAH: What do you know about systems of organization?

GREG: Dewey Decimal or Library of Congress?

4 - Exasperated, Sarah walks away from Greg, not even bothering to look at him.  Greg wilts in disappointment.

SARAH: Never mind.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

InkTober - Page 5

1 - Establishing shot of an enormous business establishment - Pan's Pawn-Porium.  It's about as tacky as it sounds, with a huge neon light sign that shines brightly in the night, along with plenty of smaller examples of gaudy, garish colouring all throughout (not unlike Honest Ed's).  Sarah and Greg stand at the entrance, looking up.

CAPTION (SARAH): "It's not far."

SARAH: It is tacky as hell though

2 - Close-up of Sarah's eyes, narrowing as they take in an unexpected detail.

SARAH (off-panel): Hmm.

3 - On the door to Pan's Pawn-Porium.  The handle's been broken right off and it hangs ajar, the darkness of the interior a contrast to the outside's brightness.

SARAH: Security ain't great either.

4 - Sarah is already past the door and heading inside.  Greg floats after her, looking somewhat apprehensive.

SARAH (1): *sigh*

SARAH (2): I was really hoping this job would be an easy one.

Monday, October 12, 2015

InkTober - Page 4

1 - Sarah crouches next to the minotaur who is trapped under the fallen lamp post.  The minotaur looks to be in some discomfort.


MINOTAUR: The clock is at Pan's.

2 - Sarah stands, clearly annoyed.  The minotaur might not be paying the most attention.

SARAH (1): Thank you!  Would it have been so hard to open with that?

SARAH (2): Did you really need to go through this convoluted and labyrinth--

3 - Sarah pauses, realizing why they might have had to do the circuitous route.  The minoatur has passed out.

SARAH (1): Oh.

SARAH (2): Right.

SFX (near minotaur): faint!

4 - Sarah motions for Greg to follow and the two head off.  The minotaur is still unconscious.  Perhaps move the frame closer in on the minotaur's unconscious face.

SARAH (potentially off-panel): Let's go, Greg.

5 - Close-up of the minotaur's face.  Its eyes are not only open, they glow electronic red.


Sunday, October 11, 2015

InkTober - Page 3

1 - Sarah is tired, her hands on her knees to catch her breath.  Her necklace looks burnt out / broken from the effort.  Greg floats over with more factoids.

GREG: Did you know that cows actually only have a single stomach but that it's divided into four compartments?

SARAH (interrupting): Still not the time, Greg.

2 - Sarah looks behind her, a look of surprise on her face.

SARAH: Got one --

3 - The third minotaur charges onto frame, but Sarah leapfrogs over it.

SARAH: More!

4 - The minotaur smashes into a lamp post.

SFX: Klang!

5 - Sarah and Greg look on as the minotaur wobbles around dazed.  The lamp post is bent at a dangerous angle.

GREG: Or that they can't--

SARAH (interrupting): Greg.

6 - Sarah and Greg continue to look on; the lamp post falls on top of the minotaur.

SFX: ker-plong!

Saturday, October 10, 2015

InkTober - Page 2

1 - Close on Sarah's face.  She's surprised as someone calls to her from off-panel.

GREG (off-panel): Sarah!

2 - Sarah, ready and in a crouching position, looks down the street where the ghost of a stereotypical 1950s businessman floats.  He's kinda blueish, maybe glowing a bit, and waving eagerly, as if seeing an old friend.  Sarah facepalms.  If there's space, maybe show the minotaurs coming through the window.

SARAH (quietly): Ugh, I do not need this right now.

GREG: Hi, Sarah!

3 - A minotaur jumps from the window sill and slams into the ground (kind of a full body splash) where Sarah was crouching.  Thankfully for her, she dives out of the way just in time.  Greg floats closer in the background.

GREG: Did you know there are anywhere between 1.3 and 1.5 billion cows in the world?

SARAH: Little busy, Greg.

4 - Over the shoulder shot of the two other minotaurs advancing on Sarah, who is shaking a pendant from her necklace as if it isn't working.  Perhaps have it starting to glow purple (or some colour) from the base up, as if turning on.

SARAH (quietly): Come on, come on!

SFX (from pendant): vzzt!


5 - Sarah throws a roundhouse kick that is augmented by the power of the pendant, sending a ripple of force outward, taking the minotaurs off their feet and sending them flying.  Both the pendant and the force glow a bright purple.


Friday, October 9, 2015

InkTober - Page 1

1 - On Sarah, our lead, who is in what appears to be a bar.  Talking to someone off-panel, she looks hopeful, if a little defensive.

SARAH: I don't suppose we could talk about this, could we?

2 - Outside the bar.  Sarah is flying through the window, presumably having been thrown by her interlocutor.

SFX: krrsh!

3 - Sarah lies on the sidewalk outside the bar.  She's cut and a little worse for wear, but she's in the midst of getting up.  The neon light of the sign shines down on her.  Through the window, we can see a trio of minotaurs moving towards the opening they've created with Sarah's body.

SARAH: This is such bull.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

InkTober - General Zod

1 - Superman lies on the ground, beaten and bloodied.  He looks bad.  In the foreground, the feet of General Zod stand before him.

ZOD (off-panel) (1): Will you not stop already?

ZOD (off-panel) (2): What aspects of the human race are worth sacrificing your own life for?

2 - Zod delivers a swift kick to Superman, literally kicking him when he's down.  Superman doesn't look good.  LETTERING NOTE: If possible, please have the third word balloon of this panel appear after the kick.

ZOD (1): Their great capacity for fear?

ZOD (2): Hatred?

ZOD (3): Violence?

3 - Superman is down and it doesn't look like he's getting up.  Zod walks away, a smirk on his face.

ZOD (1): Any animal will exhibit these behaviours.

ZOD (2): Humanity is a pestilence, wallowing in their own filth while they slowly destroy the pristine planet they so readily take for granted.

4 - Close on Superman.  He manages to look up, his face all bruised and cut.

SUPERMAN (quietly): You're wrong.

5 - Close on Zod, surprised / annoyed.

ZOD: Excuse me?

6 - Zod is walking back, Superman is trying to get up.

SUPERMAN (1): Humanity is more than that.

SUPERMAN (2): They are overwhelming kindness.

SUPERMAN (3): Fierce loyalty.

SUPERMAN (4): Beautiful love.

7 - Zod is back.  Impatient and incredulous, he looks down at Superman, who is maybe up to his hands and knees.

SUPERMAN: And most of all...

8 - Superman is up and he is punching the shit out of General Zod.  It's a KO-type thing.

SUPERMAN: They are a refusal to ever give up.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

InkTober - Wolverine and Jubilee

1 - Wolverine puts his hands on a visibly upset Jubilee's shoulders.

WOLVERINE: Jubilee.  Let's slow down a minute.

2 - Wolverine puts an arm around her shoulders and they walk through his house.

WOLVERINE (1): I've seen my fair share of iniquity.  And you're right to want to fight like hell to make things right.

WOLVERINE (2): Heck, I'll be right there with ya.

3 - They've arrived at the fridge.  Wolverine takes his hand from Jubilee's shoulders and looks towards the appliance.

WOLVERINE: But you can't forget about yourself.  Hard to help if you burn out.

4 - Wolverine rummages through the fridge, hidden by the door.

WOLVERINE: So let's take a moment.

4 - Wolverine appears, holding two beers.

WOLVERINE: Grab a cold one.

5 - Wolverine sits down at the table, cracking his beer and leaving one for Jubilee.

WOLVERINE: And talk this through.

SFX: pssht!

6 - Wolverine takes a swig of his beer, waiting on Jubilee and gesturing to the second beer on the table.  She stands where he left her, not looking convinced.


7 - Jubilee picks up the beer and opens it, her attitude softening.  Wolverine smiles.

SFX: pssht!

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

InkTober - The Lone Ranger

1 - A river at the base of a waterfall.  There is lots of debris floating about - a broken canoe, paddles, general supplies (bags, food, etc), and so forth.


2 - A shadow is visible in the water, coming up to the surface.  Maybe some air bubbles as well.  You know, the usual.


3 - Tonto swims up and pierces the surface of the water, taking a huge gulp of air.


4 - Tonto treads water, looking around him.  It's mostly the same debris floating along with the current.

TONTO: Reid?

5 - Pull back a fair distance.  Tonto continues to tread and search; everything else continues to be pulled by the current.  The Lone Ranger is nowhere to be seen.

LETTERING NOTE: The word balloon should be big to emphasize that Tonto's really belting out his call.


Monday, October 5, 2015

InkTober - Boomerang

1 - The Thanksgiving parade is happening in downtown New York.  However, the Mickey Mouse float is quickly losing air, as a boomerang has punctured it.

2 - Fred Meyes, dressed in full Boomerang costume, grabs a lollipop from a baby (who's mostly hidden by its stroller).  The parents are distracted by the deflating float.

PARENT: Mickey!

FRED: Yoink!

3 - Fred is walking off with a big ol' sack full of toys, lollipop in mouth.  A man dressed as Santa sits on the ground, nursing a head wound that was clearly inflicted by Fred.


4 - Fred is moving some kittens from a "Free Kittens" box into his sack.  He's already got a couple in and is grabbing one by the scruff as he transports it.


FRED: ♫!

5 - An old lady stands at her garden, which has been completely ruined.  Plants have been uprooted, cut, and generally destroyed.  Maybe have some salt in the dirt.  Of course, a boomerang sticks out from the ground.

OLD LADY: My azaleas!

6 - Fred is sitting on the bus, still in full costume.  He's at near the front, doing some serious manspreading to take up the priority seating.  A bag full of toys, kittens, and the plants that they're chewing on does a decent job of taking up the rest of the space.  An old man and a pregnant lady stand nearby, visibly upset.

FRED: Sorry, seat's taken.

CAPTION (FRED): This looks bad.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

InkTober - Krypto

1 - A young Clark Kent and pup-aged Krypto stand at the edge of a forest on a brisk fall day.  Clark throws a stick into the forest.

CLARK: C'mon!  Fetch the stick, boy!

2 - Krypto flies after the stick with such speed as to act as a major windforce, taking Clark off of his feet, leaves off the ground, branches blown back from trees, and that kind of thing.  The sfx should following his speed line trail, emphasizing how quick he's moving.


3 - Clark pauses on hands and knees, his jacket mostly blown on top of and covering his head.

CLARK (quietly): wow

4 - Krypto appears appears at the edge of the forest, a stick in his mouth and a happy look on his doggy face.

CLARK: Krypto!  Good b--

5 - Krypto comes further out, making it clear that the stick he has is connected to a huge tree that he's dragging behind him.  Clark has managed to get the jacket off his head, but not much more.

CLARK (quietly): boy oh boy

Saturday, October 3, 2015

InkTober - Judge Dread

1 - The wall just above Judge Dread's head explodes, sending debris everywhere.  Judge Dread instinctively ducks down, throwing himself to the ground.


2 - Judge Dread sits on the ground, trying to psych himself up.  Bullets continue to slam into the wall and ground near him.

JUDGE DREAD (1): Okay.  This is okay.

JUDGE DREAD (2): Deep breaths.

JUDGE DREAD (3): You can do this.  Like you practiced.

3 - Still sitting, Judge Dread aims his pistol around the corner, firing blindly at his attackers.

JUDGE DREAD (yelling): I am the law!

4 - Judge Dread sits, waiting, hands above his head as a kind of shield as he tries to take up as little space as possible.


5 - Judge Dread, hands still above his head, leans around the corner to see what he has accomplished.


6 - Judge Dread returns to his sitting position.


7 - Judge Dread throws up.

SFX: blergh!

8 - Judge Dread, sitting again, reaches for his radio.

JUDGE DREAD (1): ...

JUDGE DREAD (2): Control, you can cancel that backup.

Friday, October 2, 2015

InkTober - The Mandarin

1 - James Rhodes and Tony Stark stand on the ground, partially armoured with their faces showing.  They can be on the tarmac at an army base, at Stark Industries, the Avengers Mansion, or whatever.  That part isn't super important.

JAMES RHODES: Sorry, Tony.  The Iron Man armour has been designated a motor vehicle under US law.

2 - On a laptop screen that is showing a recording of the scene on panel 1.  The feed is focused on Tony, who wears a look of surprise and worry.

JAMES RHODES (off-screen): You're going to have to get a license before you can suit up again.


3 - Reverse to show our version of the Mandarin, who is literally a government bureaucrat who is full of himself.  He can have the longer hair and the Fu Manchu beard, but he's wearing a somewhat rumpled suit and sits at his desk, cackling maniacally.

LETTERING NOTE: The Mandarin's name would be done up in big ol' logo style, as names so often are when they're first used.

THE MANDARIN: Enjoy your trip to the DMV, Mr. Stark!  Your suffering has only begun under the unrelenting glare of The Mandarin!

4 - Repeat panel.  Only now, the Mandarin is startled by someone off-panel.  He quickly shuts his laptop screen to hide what he's been doing.


THE MANDARIN (quietly): yessir?

5 - The Mandarin's boss - your stereotypical manager - is now on panel, standing with brow furrowed and arms crossed.  The Mandarin looks at him guiltily.

BOSS: I need that report on my desk yesterday!

THE MANDARIN: But, sir, I'm just--

BOSS (interrupting): No buts!  Drop whatever you're doing and get it done!


6 - A big, mostly empty panel of the Mandarin typing away at his laptop and grumbling.

THE MANDARIN (quietly): rassum' frassum'

CAPTION: What could this dastardly drone be planning for our helmeted hero?  Only time - and a completed TPS Assessment - will tell!