Saturday, October 3, 2015

InkTober - Judge Dread

1 - The wall just above Judge Dread's head explodes, sending debris everywhere.  Judge Dread instinctively ducks down, throwing himself to the ground.


2 - Judge Dread sits on the ground, trying to psych himself up.  Bullets continue to slam into the wall and ground near him.

JUDGE DREAD (1): Okay.  This is okay.

JUDGE DREAD (2): Deep breaths.

JUDGE DREAD (3): You can do this.  Like you practiced.

3 - Still sitting, Judge Dread aims his pistol around the corner, firing blindly at his attackers.

JUDGE DREAD (yelling): I am the law!

4 - Judge Dread sits, waiting, hands above his head as a kind of shield as he tries to take up as little space as possible.


5 - Judge Dread, hands still above his head, leans around the corner to see what he has accomplished.


6 - Judge Dread returns to his sitting position.


7 - Judge Dread throws up.

SFX: blergh!

8 - Judge Dread, sitting again, reaches for his radio.

JUDGE DREAD (1): ...

JUDGE DREAD (2): Control, you can cancel that backup.

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