Thursday, October 15, 2015

InkTober - Page 7

1 - From the perspective of a shelf of knick knacks.  Sarah and Greg can be seen through the holes she's made by removing objects (although a few remain on the shelf - like a jar of eyeballs, a music box, etc).  Sarah has her hand on an item on the shelf, while looking the object she holds in her other hand.  Greg floats slightly behind her, looking around nervously.

SARAH: Guess we're doing this the old fashioned way.

2 - Sarah's discarding items quickly, throwing them over her shoulder and onto the floor in her haste, her eyes focused on the task at hand.  Greg continues to look uncomfortable.

GREG: Breaking and entering is one of the most commonly committed - and most commonly prosecuted - crimes.

SARAH: Relax, Greg.  It's only a crime if someone catches us.

3 - Similar panel as 2, but Sarah has paused her throwing and her eyes are wide with shock and fear as someone yells from off-panel.  Greg is equally terrified, dropping his ghost briefcase and flinching in fear.

Lettering note: The shout's word balloon should take up a good portion of the panel to emphasize how loud it is.


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