Monday, October 5, 2015

InkTober - Boomerang

1 - The Thanksgiving parade is happening in downtown New York.  However, the Mickey Mouse float is quickly losing air, as a boomerang has punctured it.

2 - Fred Meyes, dressed in full Boomerang costume, grabs a lollipop from a baby (who's mostly hidden by its stroller).  The parents are distracted by the deflating float.

PARENT: Mickey!

FRED: Yoink!

3 - Fred is walking off with a big ol' sack full of toys, lollipop in mouth.  A man dressed as Santa sits on the ground, nursing a head wound that was clearly inflicted by Fred.


4 - Fred is moving some kittens from a "Free Kittens" box into his sack.  He's already got a couple in and is grabbing one by the scruff as he transports it.


FRED: ♫!

5 - An old lady stands at her garden, which has been completely ruined.  Plants have been uprooted, cut, and generally destroyed.  Maybe have some salt in the dirt.  Of course, a boomerang sticks out from the ground.

OLD LADY: My azaleas!

6 - Fred is sitting on the bus, still in full costume.  He's at near the front, doing some serious manspreading to take up the priority seating.  A bag full of toys, kittens, and the plants that they're chewing on does a decent job of taking up the rest of the space.  An old man and a pregnant lady stand nearby, visibly upset.

FRED: Sorry, seat's taken.

CAPTION (FRED): This looks bad.

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