Tuesday, October 27, 2015

InkTober - Page 19

1 - Inset panel.  The tentacle wraps around Darren's leg in a tight grip.

SARAH (off-panel): Darren!

2 - Darren hangs helplessly upside down, his sword and laser gun lost / falling from his hands.  Sarah throws some fire at the shadows, but it doesn't seem to do much.

DARREN: It's too late.  You can't save me now.

3 - The tentacles are closing in on Darren, bringing him to one of the toothy maws.

DARREN (1): But you might be able to save me then!

DARREN (2): The clock, Sarah!

4 - Close-up of Sarah closing her eyes / covering her face.  Maybe some tears welling.

DARREN (off-panel): The cl--!

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