Tuesday, October 20, 2015

InkTober - Page 12

1 - Sarah marches towards the three hooded figures (who have arrived in the main room of the Pawn-Porium).  The central figure reaches out towards Sarah.


2 - Sarah slaps the heck out of the central hooded figure, taking his hood off in the process.

SFX: smack!


3 - Darren, the hooded figure that Sarah just hit, pauses to hold his face (which is possibly red from the impact).  Without his hood, it's possible to see that he is cyborg-ish with metal parts grafted onto his face in a way not unlike the mecha-minotaurs (although it's made to be seen).  One of his hands might also be robotic - who's to say.

SARAH: What?

4 - Darren looks up - again, his cyborg nature more and more apparent (let's say one eye glows red) - he's mad, although trying to stay calm about it.  Sarah is hopping mad and doesn't care who knows.

DARREN: I understand that you're upset.

5 - The mecha-minotaurs come back into the scene, grabbing and restraining Sarah from behind.  She struggles, but it will do no good.

DARREN: ...but you're hardly in a position to dictate terms.

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