Wednesday, October 28, 2015

InkTober - Page 20

1 - Sarah uses her purple flames to act as a little rocket boost to launch herself away as the shadowy tentacles slams into the ground where she was standing moments before.

SARAH: Augh!


2 -  Sarah lands in a heap amongst all manner of broken shelves and pawn-porium knick-knacks.  She looks triumphantly at the clock, which is demarcated with an inset panel.

SARAH: ow.

3 - Inset panel of the clock.


4 - Sarah crouches down and picks up the clock, holding her necklace with her other hand.  Her necklace glows a deep purple, which seems to be glittering along her person.

SARAH: Here goes--

5 - Sarah and the clock disappear, leaving a few motes of purple glittering where they were moments ago.


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