Saturday, October 24, 2015

InkTober - Page 15

1 - The group stands in another alley of shelves, along with some tables in between.  As before, there are all kinds of trinkets, objects, and the like littering them - a veritable cornucopia of knick knacks.  Sarah stops, her necklace floating in front of her.  Greg speaks up, causing Darren to look his way.

SARAH: Okay, it's somewhere nearby.

GREG: Did you know that darkness not only obscures details but also makes it harder to judge depth and distance?

DARREN: I see that you haven't changed, Greg.

2 - On Darren as he looks towards one of the mecha-minotaurs and gives an order.

DARREN (1): But you raise a good point.

DARREN (2): Toro, go see if you can't turn on the lights.

3 - The group searches among the bookshelves, tables, and the like.


4 - Sarah and Darren are looking at the same bookshelf, side by side.  They look at the shelves and not at each other.

DARREN (1): Sarah.

DARREN (2): Why did you get rid of the clock?

SARAH: Because it reminds me of you.

5 - Repeat panel.  Darren looks at Sarah, pained.

DARREN: Then why do you want it back?

6 - Repeat panel.  Sarah looks at Darren, meeting his gaze.  She looks sad.

SARAH: Why do you?

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