Thursday, October 29, 2015

InkTober - Page 21

1 - We're in a different store.  Much smaller.  Maybe a mixture of a bookstore / new age-y magic store (in a world where magic is real, of course).  An elderly couple are looking at a book or something at the cash (in the background).


2 - Similar panel.  Sarah appears, surrounded by a similar haze of purple glimmer.  She looks stunned.  The elderly couple don't seem to notice her arrival.

SARAH: -- nothing!

ELDERLY WOMAN (quietly in background): Did you hear something?

3 - Sarah looks around, kind of confused.

SARAH: What am I doing--

4 - The same clock that Sarah is holding sits on one of the tables.  It sits in the foreground, with Sarah looking over and seeing it for the first time in the background.  She is, of course, holding the clock's exact twin.

SARAH: --here?

5 - Sarah approaches the clock, an idea forming in her mind.

SARAH (quietly): It reminded me of you...

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