Monday, October 12, 2015

InkTober - Page 4

1 - Sarah crouches next to the minotaur who is trapped under the fallen lamp post.  The minotaur looks to be in some discomfort.


MINOTAUR: The clock is at Pan's.

2 - Sarah stands, clearly annoyed.  The minotaur might not be paying the most attention.

SARAH (1): Thank you!  Would it have been so hard to open with that?

SARAH (2): Did you really need to go through this convoluted and labyrinth--

3 - Sarah pauses, realizing why they might have had to do the circuitous route.  The minoatur has passed out.

SARAH (1): Oh.

SARAH (2): Right.

SFX (near minotaur): faint!

4 - Sarah motions for Greg to follow and the two head off.  The minotaur is still unconscious.  Perhaps move the frame closer in on the minotaur's unconscious face.

SARAH (potentially off-panel): Let's go, Greg.

5 - Close-up of the minotaur's face.  Its eyes are not only open, they glow electronic red.


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