Thursday, October 8, 2015

InkTober - General Zod

1 - Superman lies on the ground, beaten and bloodied.  He looks bad.  In the foreground, the feet of General Zod stand before him.

ZOD (off-panel) (1): Will you not stop already?

ZOD (off-panel) (2): What aspects of the human race are worth sacrificing your own life for?

2 - Zod delivers a swift kick to Superman, literally kicking him when he's down.  Superman doesn't look good.  LETTERING NOTE: If possible, please have the third word balloon of this panel appear after the kick.

ZOD (1): Their great capacity for fear?

ZOD (2): Hatred?

ZOD (3): Violence?

3 - Superman is down and it doesn't look like he's getting up.  Zod walks away, a smirk on his face.

ZOD (1): Any animal will exhibit these behaviours.

ZOD (2): Humanity is a pestilence, wallowing in their own filth while they slowly destroy the pristine planet they so readily take for granted.

4 - Close on Superman.  He manages to look up, his face all bruised and cut.

SUPERMAN (quietly): You're wrong.

5 - Close on Zod, surprised / annoyed.

ZOD: Excuse me?

6 - Zod is walking back, Superman is trying to get up.

SUPERMAN (1): Humanity is more than that.

SUPERMAN (2): They are overwhelming kindness.

SUPERMAN (3): Fierce loyalty.

SUPERMAN (4): Beautiful love.

7 - Zod is back.  Impatient and incredulous, he looks down at Superman, who is maybe up to his hands and knees.

SUPERMAN: And most of all...

8 - Superman is up and he is punching the shit out of General Zod.  It's a KO-type thing.

SUPERMAN: They are a refusal to ever give up.

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