Saturday, October 17, 2015

InkTober - Page 8

1 - Sarah has gone into a crouch and is hiding her eyes as if to hide.  Greg is straight up gone - although his ghost briefcase and its contents are still there.  That said, there's no one else visible in the panel - the shouting is coming from a different room (and is visible as such by the word balloon tail).


2 - Sarah opens her eyes, realizing the voice isn't as near as it may have initially seemed.  Greg floats out from a wall / floor, his head visible as he peaks out from his hiding spot.  The shouting continues.

OFF-PANEL SHOUT: Stop what you're doing!

3 - Sarah moves quietly towards the doorway where the shouting is coming from.  Greg is busy picking up his things.


4 - In the next room of the Pawn-Porium.  The focus of the scene is a handful of cloaked figures who are being harangued by two huge clockwork goat-headed beings.  It does not look like a fair fight.  In the background, Sarah peaks over a balcony / doorway to look down on the scene.

GOAT CREATURE: Breaking and entering is a serious crime and you will be duly punished for your misdeeds!

5 - Sarah looks back at a nervous Greg (who has caught up after gathering his things).  Greg looks worried; Sarah sheepish / apologetic.

SARAH: Okay, maybe security has gotten a little better.

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