Tuesday, October 13, 2015

InkTober - Page 5

1 - Establishing shot of an enormous business establishment - Pan's Pawn-Porium.  It's about as tacky as it sounds, with a huge neon light sign that shines brightly in the night, along with plenty of smaller examples of gaudy, garish colouring all throughout (not unlike Honest Ed's).  Sarah and Greg stand at the entrance, looking up.

CAPTION (SARAH): "It's not far."

SARAH: It is tacky as hell though

2 - Close-up of Sarah's eyes, narrowing as they take in an unexpected detail.

SARAH (off-panel): Hmm.

3 - On the door to Pan's Pawn-Porium.  The handle's been broken right off and it hangs ajar, the darkness of the interior a contrast to the outside's brightness.

SARAH: Security ain't great either.

4 - Sarah is already past the door and heading inside.  Greg floats after her, looking somewhat apprehensive.

SARAH (1): *sigh*

SARAH (2): I was really hoping this job would be an easy one.

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