Wednesday, October 7, 2015

InkTober - Wolverine and Jubilee

1 - Wolverine puts his hands on a visibly upset Jubilee's shoulders.

WOLVERINE: Jubilee.  Let's slow down a minute.

2 - Wolverine puts an arm around her shoulders and they walk through his house.

WOLVERINE (1): I've seen my fair share of iniquity.  And you're right to want to fight like hell to make things right.

WOLVERINE (2): Heck, I'll be right there with ya.

3 - They've arrived at the fridge.  Wolverine takes his hand from Jubilee's shoulders and looks towards the appliance.

WOLVERINE: But you can't forget about yourself.  Hard to help if you burn out.

4 - Wolverine rummages through the fridge, hidden by the door.

WOLVERINE: So let's take a moment.

4 - Wolverine appears, holding two beers.

WOLVERINE: Grab a cold one.

5 - Wolverine sits down at the table, cracking his beer and leaving one for Jubilee.

WOLVERINE: And talk this through.

SFX: pssht!

6 - Wolverine takes a swig of his beer, waiting on Jubilee and gesturing to the second beer on the table.  She stands where he left her, not looking convinced.


7 - Jubilee picks up the beer and opens it, her attitude softening.  Wolverine smiles.

SFX: pssht!

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