Friday, October 2, 2015

InkTober - The Mandarin

1 - James Rhodes and Tony Stark stand on the ground, partially armoured with their faces showing.  They can be on the tarmac at an army base, at Stark Industries, the Avengers Mansion, or whatever.  That part isn't super important.

JAMES RHODES: Sorry, Tony.  The Iron Man armour has been designated a motor vehicle under US law.

2 - On a laptop screen that is showing a recording of the scene on panel 1.  The feed is focused on Tony, who wears a look of surprise and worry.

JAMES RHODES (off-screen): You're going to have to get a license before you can suit up again.


3 - Reverse to show our version of the Mandarin, who is literally a government bureaucrat who is full of himself.  He can have the longer hair and the Fu Manchu beard, but he's wearing a somewhat rumpled suit and sits at his desk, cackling maniacally.

LETTERING NOTE: The Mandarin's name would be done up in big ol' logo style, as names so often are when they're first used.

THE MANDARIN: Enjoy your trip to the DMV, Mr. Stark!  Your suffering has only begun under the unrelenting glare of The Mandarin!

4 - Repeat panel.  Only now, the Mandarin is startled by someone off-panel.  He quickly shuts his laptop screen to hide what he's been doing.


THE MANDARIN (quietly): yessir?

5 - The Mandarin's boss - your stereotypical manager - is now on panel, standing with brow furrowed and arms crossed.  The Mandarin looks at him guiltily.

BOSS: I need that report on my desk yesterday!

THE MANDARIN: But, sir, I'm just--

BOSS (interrupting): No buts!  Drop whatever you're doing and get it done!


6 - A big, mostly empty panel of the Mandarin typing away at his laptop and grumbling.

THE MANDARIN (quietly): rassum' frassum'

CAPTION: What could this dastardly drone be planning for our helmeted hero?  Only time - and a completed TPS Assessment - will tell!

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