Monday, August 31, 2015


Been a while since I was last around.  I don't know that I'll ever cease to be fascinated by concert posters.  This one comes courtesy of the fine folks at Landland.  As you can read, it was for some Jeremy Enigk gigs.

Panel 1 - Full page splash.  The page would be laid out in much the same manner of the poster, with a huge space station taking up the top two-thirds or so of the page.  It would be state of the art, with a central rotating column around which the rest of the station would be built.  While it looks pristine at the top of the page, as the eye travels down, it is clear that the station is breaking apart, with the worst of the damage visible where the station meets open space.  Pieces of debris should be coming off and floating ahead into the distance.  That said, the bottom bit of the page should be mostly empty of the horror and damage to come.

Lettering note: the captions should appear periodically throughout the page, visually following the ultimate destruction they are describing, with the last few panels alone in the blackness at the bottom of the page.

1. CAPTION: It had cost more to build than the GDP of most small countries.

2. CAPTION: It had taken over 500,000 man hours to research, develop, and launch.

3. CAPTION: It had the chance to rotate around the planet four times before it began to destabilize.

4. CAPTION: It had begun to tear itself apart before it was halfway through the fifth.

5. CAPTION: It was over.

6. CAPTION: But it had been beautiful.

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