Monday, July 6, 2015

Home Truths

I'm still not done with Justin Santora's Weltzschmerz: A New Adventure Everyday, although I feel like I've yet to hit the feeling that this poster evokes in my mind.  Perhaps I'll give it a third go around sometime...

1 - Establishing shot.  We're outside a house.  It's a nice one, but on the older side - at least 40 years at minimum.  A car and U-Haul is parked in the driveway.  A husband and wife are grabbing some boxes from their vehicle, while their two young children run about on the grass / towards the front door.

CAPTION: They say you can never go home.

DAUGHTER: You grew up here?

HUSBAND: Yeah...

2 - Inside.  The husband stands in the living room, holding a box and looking towards something off-panel.  He wears a sad and tired expression.  The room is partially furnished with old looking furniture (say a couch, coffee table, and such) and partially empty.

CAPTION: That isn't quite true.

3 - Switch angles.  The wife has joined her husband at his side, putting a hand around his far shoulder and leaning her head on his near one - a loving gesture.  The two now look at the off-panel item - a photograph of an older couple doing some lovey dovey thing (drinking a milkshake together, playing in leaves, or whatever strikes you as most appropriate).  They look quite a bit like the hsuband for they are his parents.

CAPTION: The price of admission can be a pretty steep.

WIFE: I know it's hard.

4 - Switch angles yet again.  We're looking out the window / open sliding door to the backyard where there is a nice big pool.  The two kids are pretty jazzed about it, yelling happily at no one in particular in their excitement (although their parents can obviously hear them).  The husband and wife look towards their children (although their expressions are not visible since they are looking away from the reader).

HUSBAND (quietly): It is.

DAUGHTER: We have a pool?!

SON: This is the best house ever!

5 - Back to the husband and wife.  The wife looks hopefully at him and he smiles back.  It's a small smile, but it very much says that things will be alright.

HUSBAND: But it's home.

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