Thursday, October 22, 2015

InkTober - Page 13

1 - Darren looks at Sarah inquisitively, while the mecha-minotaurs continue to hold her.  Sarah looks back at Darren, confused.

DARREN: Now.  Where's the clock?

SARAH: ...what?

DARREN: You mean you haven't found it yet?

2 - Close-up of Sarah.  She is a mixture of mad and embarrassed.

DARREN (off-panel): No wonder they stopped calling you the Seer.

3 - Darren turns away and gestures at the mecha-minotaurs in a dismissive fashion.  They let go of Sarah, who rubs her arms to get some of the feeling back into them.

DARREN: No matter.  If you could do a little incantation or whatever to bring it here, that would be great.

SARAH: Darren...

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