Sunday, October 4, 2015

InkTober - Krypto

1 - A young Clark Kent and pup-aged Krypto stand at the edge of a forest on a brisk fall day.  Clark throws a stick into the forest.

CLARK: C'mon!  Fetch the stick, boy!

2 - Krypto flies after the stick with such speed as to act as a major windforce, taking Clark off of his feet, leaves off the ground, branches blown back from trees, and that kind of thing.  The sfx should following his speed line trail, emphasizing how quick he's moving.


3 - Clark pauses on hands and knees, his jacket mostly blown on top of and covering his head.

CLARK (quietly): wow

4 - Krypto appears appears at the edge of the forest, a stick in his mouth and a happy look on his doggy face.

CLARK: Krypto!  Good b--

5 - Krypto comes further out, making it clear that the stick he has is connected to a huge tree that he's dragging behind him.  Clark has managed to get the jacket off his head, but not much more.

CLARK (quietly): boy oh boy

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