Sunday, October 25, 2015

InkTober - Page 17

1 - Darren draws the sword from its scabbard.  Sarah flicks at her necklace (which is somewhere between black and purple).  Perhaps shadowy smoke / tentacles are approaching the scene.

DARREN (1): My sincerest apologies, Sarah.  I was searching for dimensions where I did better.

DARREN (2): But all I found were ones where I did worse.

2 - Darren holds the sword with one hand, drawing his laser gun with the other.  Sarah has her necklace glowing purple again and starts moving her hands to summon some magic flames.  The surrounding darkness seems deeper than before.

DARREN: My methodology was brute force-based.  I endeavoured to close any fissures I would have left behind.

3 - Darren, Sarah, and the mecha-minotaurs stand in defence against the coming darkness.  A combination of tentacles, toothy maws, and monstrous shadows approach, both near and far.  What's left of Toro's body is being bandied about / devoured by various parts of the monsters.  Greg is diving into the floor to hide.

DARREN:'s possible I missed a few.

SARAH: I'm thinking maybe.

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