Saturday, October 24, 2015

InkTober - Page 16

1 - Darren lays down an info-dump.  Let's say that he's trying to play it cool and act like this isn't a big deal - maybe moving to another area to search for the clock.  At the very least, he's probably not making eye contact with Sarah.

DARREN (1): I believe its thaumaturgic properties could prove beneficial to my needs.

DARREN (2): You may recall how temporal events would occasionally be torpid or languid when in immediate proximity to the clock.

DARREN (3): If my calculations are correct, the application of a sufficient amount of energy should enable it to circumvent the limits of chronology entirely.

2 - Darren pauses, absentmindedly looking at a sword on the table.  Sarah puts together the pieces and is rather surprised.

SARAH (1): Wait.

SARAH (2): You want to turn my clock into a time machine?

3 - Sarah's necklace goes from purple to black.  She and Darren look at her necklace, fear creeping into their expressions.

SARAH: What have you done, Darren?

4 - A scream from off-panel grabs everyone's attention.  Darren picks up the sword.


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