Saturday, October 24, 2015

InkTober - Page 14

1 - Sarah sits cross-legged in some sort of meditation / ritual, purple energy radiating from her.  It could potentially be the type of thing where her hair, clothing, and so forth floats upwards, either because gravity is lessened or the power pushes everything away from her.  Either way, she's doing that while everyone else just kind of watches, awash in the purple glow.

CAPTION (SARAH): ...we both know that's not how that works.

2 - On Sarah's necklace.  It glows bright purple again.

SARAH (off-panel): Alright, I'm recharged.

3 - Darren tries to get Sarah's attention, but she shrugs him off and walks on.

DARREN: I'm sorry about the Seer crack--

SARAH (interrupting): Let's go find a clock.

4 - Darren scratches the back of his head with one hand, looking sadly and awkwardly at the ground.  The mecha-minotaurs try to act like they haven't noticed how awkward this is.


5 - Maybe from above.  Sarah walks on, her necklace floating out in front of her as if pointing in a direction.  Darren and the rest start to follow her, walking slightly behind.


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