Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Noirvember - Home Sweet Home

1 - Night time. Bryan has broken into a house and finds himself in its well appointed kitchen. He wears a mask, but it's clear that he's both pretty drunk and a little confused at what he's seeing looking at some of the fancy appliances (specifically a coffeemaker in this panel). The kitchen light is off and it's a bit dark.

BRYAN (drunkenly): Huh, this guy has the same coffeemaker as me.

2 - Bryan looks next to the coffeemaker at the waffle maker and mixer.

BRYAN (drunkenly) (1): Same waffle iron and mixer, too...

BRYAN (drunkenly, quietly) (2): Weird.

3 - The kitchen light goes on, Bryan forgets what he's doing as his eyes go wide.

HEATHER (off-panel): Bryan? What are you doing down here?

4 - Pull back to reveal Heather, Bryan's exasperated wife, wearing a housecoat. Maybe pinching the bridge of her nose in frustration. She's come down from the bedroom, because Bryan is so wrecked that he's trying to rob his own house. Bryan has raised his mask to get a better look at her, but he doesn't understand what he's seeing (or how he's seeing it). Maybe also reveal that Bryan made a mess elsewhere in the kitchen, either knocking things over or maybe making some food he'd half-eaten.

BRYAN (drunkenly) (1): H-Heather?

BRYAN (drunkenly) (2): Turn off the light, I'm tryin' ta rob some good with real good taste...

HEATHER: This is not what I expected when I warned you about stealing while sloshed...

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