Friday, December 11, 2015

Doomcember - Shred - Page 10

1 - Chris walks on through the city.  Things are relatively fine in her immediate area, but it's clear that destruction lies ahead.

CAPTION (CHRIS): She's across town.

2 - Later in the afternoon, Chris is walking around big pieces of debris where buildings have collapsed into the street.

CAPTION (CHRIS: But it's only a few hours walk.

3 - We're into night time.  The difference between street and building is unclear, because most everything seems to have collapsed.  Chris climbs among the big pieces of rubble, trying to make forward progress.

CAPTION (CHRIS): I'll be there well before dusk.

4 - On Chris as she looks in surprise at something coming her way.


5 - A Shifter dives from off-panel, tackling Chris off her feet (and off the current piece of rubble she's on).  It isn't necessarily possible to make it out from this panel, but the Shifter is Evelyn (the colours could be a good hint at that).  EDIT: The Shifter's colours look like Evelyn's, but it is not her.

CAPTION (CHRIS): So the Shifters won't even have a chance to bother me.

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