Saturday, December 19, 2015

Doomcember- Shred - Page 19

1 - Chris and Ethain still at the cage. Chris is somewhat perturbed / unimpressed at Ethain's violence; Ethain looks at her dismissively.

CHRIS: Is that really necessary?

ETHAIN: *Pfft*

2 - Close on many Shifter feet running.

CAPTION (ETHAIN): They're mindless freaks.

3 - Close on a gun firing, the muzzle flash bright in the night.

TAILLESS WORD BALLOON: We're under attack!

SFX: krakka krakka krakka

4 - Close on a Shifter claw slashing.


5 - Close on blood, either splashing through the air or puddling on the ground.


6 - Shot of the compound (as at the top of page 17), but it is now overrun by Shifters. Tents and awnings have fallen, fences have been overturned, and little skirmishes are possibly visible throughout. Chris and Ehtain remain near the cage (although this needn't be explicitly clear to the reader).

CAPTION (ETHAIN): What're they gonna do?

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