Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Doomcember - Shred - Page 22

1 - Chris and Robert walk the city streets as the sun rises to begin a new day.  Chris smokes A cigarette. Rays of the dawn sun shine down on them, partially obscured by what looks to be really bad smog - keep this going throughout the page, perhaps getting worse panel by panel as they advance.

CAPTION (CHRIS): We need to go.

2 - The two continue to walk, the streets as filled with destruction and debris as before (perhaps more so). Chris continues to smoke her cigarette. Robert trails behind ever so slightly, clearly wanting to talk about things.


3 - Another panel of them walking. Chris flicks away a finished cig; Robert is as conflicted as ever.


4 - This time around, they are climbing a particularly large piece of building to continue along their way. Chris helps Robert crest the top, pulling him up over the final bit. Chris still has the cigarette in her mouth.


5 - In top of their newly achieved summit. Robert has his hands on his knees, panting to regain his breath. Chris coughs.

CHRIS: hargk!

ROBERT: Aren't you going to say anything to me? We've been walking for hours.

6 - Chris looks at Chris, an annoyed look on her face. Robert is taken aback at her frustration and is awkwardly defensive.

CHRIS: Where were you the day of The Attack?

ROBERT: Uh, I was uptown visiting my Dad.

CHRIS: I was heading here...

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