Thursday, December 10, 2015

Doomcember - Shred - Page 9

1 - Chris marches down the hallway, Robert chasing after her.

ROBERT: What?  Where are you going?

CHRIS: To see my sister.

2 - Robert follows Chris down the stairs (the same from page 4).

ROBERT: But you never talk about her!  Why would you go visit her?  And why now?

3 - Like on page 4, the doorman is once again startled by Chris calling down.

CHRIS (off-panel): Get that door open!

4 - Chris stands outside the open gate looking at Chris, who stands within it (perhaps paralleling Chris and Evelyn in panel 6 of page 5).

CHRIS: It's like I told Evelyn.  Some people hang on for longer than others.

5 - Chris walks along the street, her back to the reader.

CAPTION (CHRIS): I want to make sure I see Marian again before either of us hits "long enough".

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