Friday, December 4, 2015

Doomcember - Shred - Page 4

1 - Chris stands in the empty waiting room, finishing a cigarette.


2 - Chris has dropped the finished cigarette and extinguishes it under her boot.

CHRIS: Alright...

3 - Chris, Robert, and a few others carry Evelyn's body down some stairs.  Evelyn's body is mostly wrapped in the blankets she was resting in, although her arm is visible.  Her skin appears to be glowing / starting to glow.  This isn't a focus, but it can be a minor emphasis in the relative darkness of the stairs.

CAPTION (CHRIS): We gotta get her outside.

ROBERT: Chris?

4 - On Evelyn's arm.  The skin is starting to glow an otherworldly green and orange.

ROBERT (tailless): ...Should she be changing so fast?

5 - A man sits on a stool next to a steel gate that is currently closed.  He looks up in surprise towards the stairwell where a shout emanates.  His surprise is of a level that he drops his book.

CHRIS (off-panel): Johnny!

6 - Close-up on Johnny pulling a chain up from his shirt, a key dangling on its end.

CHRIS (off-panel): Get that door open!

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