Saturday, December 5, 2015

Doomcember - Shred - Page 5

1 - On Evelyn's blankets, which lay on the ground in a pile, fresh blood staining parts of them.

ROBERT (tailless): Argh!

2 - Evelyn, despite the handicap of being dead, stands menacingly in the entranceway, Chris and a few others trying to form a circle around her.  Chris crouches slightly, ready to spring into action.  Important to note that Evelyn's eyes are white as ever, now giving off an eerie glow, and the otherworldly green and orange is starting to appear all over her  body.  If it fits, Robert should be down on his knees, holding a bleeding wound, one of the others attending to him, but this is not integral to the scene.

CHRIS: Evelyn!  Stop this!

3 - Evelyn slashes at the doorkeeper, drawing blood.

CHRIS (off-panel): No!

4 - Chris slams into Evelyn's back, forcing the smaller figure off of her feet and through the opening into the sidewalk / street.


5 - Evelyn lies on the ground as Chris slams the door shut.


6 - Evelyn and Chris stand on either side of the metal gate / fence, staring each other down.  Evelyn looks wild and angry, perhaps grabbing onto the fence to try to break through; Chris looks sad and defeated.

CHRIS (quietly): I'm sorry.

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