Tuesday, December 1, 2015

DOOMcember - Shred - Page 1

1 - Close-up of a zippo lighter in a woman's hand.  She tries to lit it, but only gets a spark.

SFX: skrtch

2 - The woman tries to light the zippo again, but doesn't even get a spark this time.

SFX: skrtch

3 - The woman tries a third time, getting the lighter to light up this time.

SFX: skrtch!

4 - The tip of a cigarette comes into view, its end lighting bright as the woman takes a long drag to catch the flame.


5 - Establishing shot of the woman, Chris, in a shabby apartment room.  Chris is a woman in her mid- to late-thirties who looks like she's seen better days.  She looks tired, sick, and generally worn down.  She coughs violently taking her cigarette from her mouth with one hand.  Her other hand holds an old photograph.  Chris sits on a threadbare couch, wrapped in a blanket, with a propane heater in front of her.  There's perhaps some candles or a lantern, but overall there is relatively little in the way of light.

CHRIS: hargk!  hargk!

6 - Close-up of the picture Chris is holding.  It is of her and her sister Mary in happier, better days.  The family resemblance is clear, although it's also evident that the two are separated by a few years.  They stand together on the edge of a lake - Mary is soaked, having clearly gone into the water in her clothing, while Chris remains dry.  The two smile together.

ROBERT (off-panel): Chris...

7 - Robert stands at the open doorway to Chris' room.  He is a younger man, looking a bit hardier for his youth, but he too looks somewhat tired and worn.  He looks sad.  Resigned.  Note, like Chris, he's wearing warmer clothing, despite the fact that they're both inside.

ROBERT: It's time.

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