Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Doomcember - Shred - Page 27

1 - On Chris' clenched fist.

CHRIS (off-panel): She'd been sick for so long.

2 - On the same first, unclenching.

CHRIS: Part of me didn't believe she'd ever go.

3 - On her now unclenched hand. Her cigarette lays upon her palm, all crushed and ruined.

CHRIS: ...Couldn't believe.

4 - On Chris, still sitting at the door, her hands on her face, looking through / past her splayed fingers.

CHRIS (1): And I keep seeing her.

CHRIS (2): Wanting her to be in there somewhere...

5 - Chris runs her hands through her hair in frustration / tiredness.


6 - Chris stops, her eyes wide at the sudden bang on the door from within the apartment.

SFX: Whump

Chris (quietly): Mer--?

7 - Before Chris can finish her thought, the door explodes outwards over her head. She is shocked and afraid, but hasn't yet really had time to process this, the event is so sudden.

SFX: KRR-ack!

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