Friday, December 25, 2015

Doomcember - Shred - Page 25

1 - Close on Chris' fist raised and ready to knock on the door.


2 - On Chris, recoiling in surprise at the cough from within.

MARY (from within): hargk!

3 - Chris furrows her brow, uncertain of what she's just heard.

CHRIS (quietly): Mer?

4 - On the door.


5 - On the door, moving closer and with a focus on the peephole.

MARY (from within): Chris?

6 - On the door and peephole, so close that we're really just looking at the peephole's glass, possibly seeing a warped reflection of Chris standing in front of it.

MARY (from within): What are you doing here?

7 - On Chris, having gathered her senses a bit more and looking determined. Or more determined. Perhaps she's still holding one arm with the other or biting her lower lip as she searches for the right word.

CHRIS: I'm-I'm here to make things right.

8 - Back on the door.


9 - Long shot looking down the hallway towards Chris. She bows her head in defeat. She should be small due to the distance.

MARY (from within): You should leave.

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