Thursday, December 17, 2015

Doomcember - Shred - Page 17

1 - The Hunter "base", as it were.  It's a pretty temporary-looking affair.  There's a number of tents / canvas awnings erected in a little group, along with a cage area with some Shifters within it (including the ones the group just brought back).  There's perhaps some slipshop fences erected around the perimetre - either materials hastily thrown together or elements of the landscape converted into makeshift barriers (overturned cars, etc.).
LETTERING NOTE: Chris' word balloon comes from within an awning near the Shifter cage.

CHRIS (from within): So when you said you had a doc back at camp...

2 - Under the awning.  Chris sits on a makeshift table as Ethain finishes wrapping some bandaging around her now-repaired leg.

ETHAIN (1): Mostly meant camp had supplies I'd need.

ETHAIN (2): Multiple hats, yeah?

3 - On Chris, looking at and giving a feel for her leg.  She looks pretty satisfied.

CHRIS: Well, you're pretty good at this doctoring gig.

4 - Shift to behind the two looking out from the awning onto the caged Shifters.  A couple of Shifters stand at the bars, looking mad (as they so often seem to).  Maybe Chris is pointing at them.

CHRIS: ...So why do you and yours go out looking for this kind of trouble?

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