Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Doomcember - Shred - Page 15

1 - Ethain, Roy, and Andres stand amid the area where Chris had been facing off with the Shifters. These three men are all young (early twenties, if not earlier) and in varying states of scrawny to athletic. They wear similar clothing, all in a style that could be called The Warriors meets Mad Max (think matching motifs, weird hats, scars, tattoos, etc). Ethain gives an order to the other two.

ETHAIN: Roy, Andres, go track down the stragglers.

2 - Ethain turns his attention to Chris, offering a hand to help her up.  Chris does not reach to take it.

ETHAIN: You alright?

3 - Close on their hands, as Chris bats Ethain's away.

CHRIS: I didn't ask for help from Hunters.

4 - Chris awkwardly shimmies her way back up to her feet while trying to avoid putting weight on her injured leg p.  Perhaps Chris uses some nearby rubble or whatever for leverage.

ETHAIN (off-panel): Cone on, we're not all bad.

5 - On Chris' legs as she limps away.

ETHAIN (off-panel): We got a doc back at camp.

6 - On Chris' legs as she starts to take another step.

ETHAIN (off-panel): He could take a look at your leg.

7 - On Chris' legs. She has stopped walking.


8 - On Chris' legs. Shoe has turned around and looks towards Ethain.


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