Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Doomcember - Shred - Page 20

1 - Ethain, still by the cage, looks at the camp, as Shifters rip through tents and people alike. While what he sees is horrible, he mostly has a look of confusion on his face.

ETHAIN (quietly): ...But they shouldn't know how to coordinate on this scale...

2 - Close on a Shifter hand grabbing Ethain's arm through the cage bars.

3 - Ethain struggles to break the Shifter's grip and get away. Others reach for him; one reaches to grab the cattle prod that Ethain has dropped. Chris moves to help.

CHRIS: Ethain!

4 - A Shifter (Evelyn, although that may not yet be obvious) leaps from off-panel and lands between Chris and Ethain.


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