Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Doomcember - Shred - Page 21

1 - Evelyn stares at Chris, the usual Shifter madness on Evelyn's face.
LETTERING NOTE: The norm of Shifters having black balloons and white letters.

EVELYN: hiss

2 - Evelyn's expression changes to one of concern.

EVELYN: chriss

3 - Chris runs away, fear in her eyes. Behind her, Evelyn watches as Chris runs. Behind that, Ethain struggles in his doomed fight.

EVELYN: runnn

4 - Chris runs through the camp, ignoring the violence and destruction going on about her (maybe some fire starting up).


5 - Chris rounds a corner and - not seeing him in time- slams headlong into Robert.

BOTH: oof!

6 - Chris and Robert sit opposite each other on the ground. Chris is flummoxed. Robert is busy catching his breath.

CHRIS: Robert?!

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