Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Doomcember - Shred - Page 8

1 - The next morning.  Outdoor view of the apartment building.  Robert's voice comes from within.

ROBERT (from within): Alright...

2 - In Chris' apartment.  Chris is looking at a bunch of objects laid out on her couch (not yet visible), while Robert is walking in, looking down at a notebook that he's writing away in.

ROBERT (1): It's a new day and people are going to want to know what's next.

ROBERT (2): It's still too cold to grow anything, but we should keep tending the gardens in case that changes.

ROBERT (3): Which leaves us with the usual options:

3 - On Chris' couch.  A whole bunch of items related to survival are laid out, along with a big back pack to put them all in.
LETTERING NOTE: Robert's dialogue should be placed throughout the page to match to particular items.  "Raiding" is next to a road flare and a small knife, "looting" is next to some tools and a flashlight, "and scavenging" is next to some food (not a lot), and "Wait--" is next to the back pack.

ROBERT (off-panel) (1): raiding,

ROBERT (off-panel) (2): looting,

ROBERT (off-panel) (3): and scavenging.

ROBERT (off-panel) (4): Wait--

4 - Back on Robert, who has looked up from his notebook and hasn't (or doesn't want to) put together what he's seeing.

ROBERT: What are you doing?

5 - Chris is walking out of the room with the packed bag on her back, already past Robert.  She wears a look of determination, while Robert just kind of turns to watch her trajectory but does not yet move to follow.

CHRIS: I'm leaving.

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