Monday, January 11, 2016

Think of a City - Interrobang

Hot damn.  I don't know that Mulele Jarvis' 011 needs any of my words distracting from the actual artwork, so let's skip that part:

This type of page would likely benefit from a liberal application of speed lines.

1 - A hoverbike whips down a city street, heading directly for what looks to be a head-on collision with the ground floor of an all-window office skyscraper.  Exhaust spews from the bike's rear engine.  The bike's front is raised in what could be considered a "wheelie" (recognize the fact that as a hoverbike, there are no wheels).  People and traffic do their best to get out of the way.  The biker doesn't have much in the way of gear - a basic helmet, goggles, and some punkish clothing.

CAPTION: There's a lot you should know about handling a bike, but of that, only three words really matter.

2 - The bike has transitioned from the road to the side of the building and is driving straight up.  The exhaust trail continues to follow the bike.

CAPTION: "Never."

3 - The biker careens sideways in a manner not dissimilar to Mulele Jarvis' artwork.  The exhaust trail swerves accordingly.


4 - Close on the bike as it clears the edge of the building, flying out into the open sky.


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