Sunday, January 31, 2016

Think of a City - Urban Renewal

As you may recall, I've been struggling to put together my thoughts on the artist / writer collaboration for Think of a City pieces, but Think of a City has provided a pretty solid answer in the text beneath Lekan Jeyifous and Ales Kot's 030.  As they say:

Sometimes a collaboration is not about what you do do, but about when you know to hold back in a partnership and let another person’s work shine.

Of course, that isn't limited to only Think of a City, but sometimes it's easy to forget how much similarities there can be between one creative endeavour and another.  Regardless, thanks to Lekan and Ales for the beautiful piece.

1 - Establishing shot of what looks to be a built-up downtown of some city centre.  We're looking at building tops - no streets or people are visible.

CAPTION: A city is rarely a place of peace and order.

2 - A large, dark shadow falls upon the downtown from something that remains off-panel.

CAPTION: But it can be.

3 - A human hand reaches down towards the buildings from the top of the panel.  The hand looks enormous next to the buildings, which are actually just models (although I suppose that's not even necessarily evident from this panel).

CAPTION: If you put in the work.

4 - The hand reaches towards something street-level (which would be below the bottom panel gutter), meaning that part of the wrist / possibly forearm would be visible crossing the panel - perhaps it is adorned with a watch or bracelet of some variety.

CAPTION: The only problem?

5 - The hand is coming back up from the model-streets, now holding a toy gorilla (which like the hand, looks enormous next to the model city, in a vein not unlike a certain King Kong).

CAPTION: The work never ends.

SPEAKER (tailless): Honey, what have I told you about leaving your toys lying around?

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