Sunday, January 31, 2016

Think of a City - Outlooking

It's kind of funny.  The art in every single Think of a City piece is stunningly good, but the thing that so often grabs me is the use of colour.  Elliot Elam's 031 is no exception as the splash of pink sky practically leaps off the page over the beautiful greyscale that lies below it.  Don't get me wrong, I love the image, but it's that pink that seals the deal for me.

1 - A worn fence takes up the majority of the panel, with a bit of regular daytime sky peeking out from the top (perhaps the top of a house that is in the yard contained by said fence).

TANYA (tailless): No.

2 - On a sad-looking parking lot.  It's mostly empty, with some junkers parked here and there.  The concrete is cracked, the paint is mostly faded.  It's not a welcoming sight.

TANYA (tailless): Nuh-uh.

3 - On a brick wall.  There might be some nicks, maybe a wire of some variety, but there's nothing else going on here.

TANYA (tailless): Nope.

4 - On a freeway, with cars racing back and forth.  A tall sound fence is visible on either side.  There isn't much else going on.  The sky that is visible is wearing on into afternoon.

TANYA (tailless): No way.

5 - The interior of an empty apartment / condo.  A mother and her young daughter Tanya are coming in the front door accompanied by a real estate agent / landlord - Tanya is already running ahead towards something off-panel while the mother stands near the door as the agent closes it.

MOTHER: This is the last place.

6 - Tanya is standing at a window in the apartment looking out, a smile on her face.  Her mother stands behind her, looking at her daughter lovingly.  (This panel could be the continuation of the space from panel 5, simply divided by the gutter, but that type of continuity is by no means necessary).

MOTHER: What do you think?

TANYA: ...

7 - On the view from the window.  A beautiful and varied cityscape sprawls out into the distance (thanks to the height of the apartment room).  There's all matter of skyscrapers, apartments, parks, heritage buildings, and so on and so forth.  The sky is turning a brilliant pink / orange as the sun sets.

TANYA (off-panel): It's perfect.

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