Monday, January 4, 2016

Think of a City - Play Ball

The winter nights grow ever colder here, it's getting harder to think of warmer times (funny how fast that happens considering the first snow didn't fall until, like, a week ago), but looking at Carla Berrocal's 004, I can't help thinking of those endless summer days where friends and I would be out playing games of our own.

We're going slightly more direct today, taking the characters and situation as depicted in the image and giving a little scene out of that.  For the purposes of the script, the bigger character in the background will be Ronan and the smaller character in the foreground will be Charlie.

1 - On Ronan holding the ball, ready to toss it.

RONAN: Ready?

2 - On Charlie, nodding enthusiastically.


3 - On Ronan, throwing the ball.

RONAN: Go long!

4 - On Charlie running across the rooftop, the ball arcing above him.  Charlie's arms are outstretched and he is looking back and up to keep an eye on the ball.  Maybe have some speed lines or dotted lines to show the arc of the ball.  Ideally, this panel would go the width of the page to give a sense of scale in how much Charlie is running.

5 and 6 should make up one entire image, with a gutter dividing it horizontally.

5 - On Charlie, diving through the air to catch the ball.  The ground should not be visible in this panel.

CHARLIE: I got it!

6 - The ground (or rooftop) is visible here, but it's only on the edge of the panel as Charlie has dived off the side of the building to make the catch.  You could feature Charlie falling through the air here or you could leave it empty to emphasize the gap.


7 - Inset panel.  Ronan's hand grabs Charlie's ankle.


8 - Ronan holds Charlie by the ankle as the younger child dangles off the edge of the building.  They smile at each other in relief.
LETTERING NOTE: Ronan and Charlie say the same thing, so they should share the word balloon.

RONAN / CHARLIE (both): Nice catch.

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